Why WordPress website performance is so important?

Fast, Faster, Fastest!

A website with the fastest loading speed will rule the user’s mind. Conversely, a slower loading site can bear a great loss to your site as it will increase your visitor’s bounce rate, lower conversion rate, increase cart abandonment in your eCommerce website, and much more.

By optimizing the speed of your WordPress website, you can certainly see the following benefits;

Boosted Conversions & Sales: If your customer remains on your site for more than 10 seconds, there will be a chance of him/her being your customer. This, in turn, increase your product/service sale.

SEO Impact: Any search engine will prefer your site only if it loads faster than any other website. Speed is one of the factors that will decide your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rank.

User Experience: Its user performance decides the success of a site. If your user gets satisfied by using your website, he/she will definitely look into being your customer.

Bring Down Cart Abandonment: People are afraid of losing their favorite products, so they depend on storing items in the cart. Any minimal delay will withdraw their interest in buying the products further.

Lower Hosting Cost: Your host provider is your website’s life-saver. But sometimes, you can also save your website’s damage by just removing junk from its directory. This will lower your hosting costs to a greater extent.

Bring Down Bounce Rate: Higher bounce rate shows that a large number of your site’s visitors will shift to your competitor’s site. If you don’t want to let this happen, soon switch to WordPress website speed optimization.

Boost Retention: Remain the first choice for your customer every time. Providing them with the best performance of your site will let your customer look for your services when they think of their 2nd purchase.

Hire WordPress developer or company that provides best WordPress speed optimization service for your website, to get all these benefits for your website.

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