Why is my Wireless Printer Connected But Not Printing?

How Can You Fix If Wireless Printer Is Connected But Not Printing?

All must have faced issues with printers every now or the while printing for work, school, college, or leisure. Printer issues are can be highly troublesome and create an unnecessary fuss for users. Several ways are available to eradicate printer issues and glitches to have a smooth printing experience. If you are someone who faced printer connectivity issues, then you have landed at the exact right place. The information included here is surely going to help solve issues for you as far as your printer is concerned. So stay tuned till the end to know you more.

Reasons for Wireless Printer Connected But Not Working:

A technical glitch with the printer or router or the connection, in general, is the main cause of problems with a wireless printer not connecting or is connected but not printing issue.

Troubleshoot Technical Glitches:

Users can face technical glitches and issues as far as their printer device s concerned. One of the best ways to deal with technical issues and problems is to get started with the basic troubleshooting steps that include turning off your printer as well as the modem. This is one of the best ways to deal with technical problems with your printer. Simple troubleshooting steps will help eradicate the ‘not printing’ situation.

Users Can Print a Printer Wireless Network Test Report:

Get a printout of the Wireless network test report for your device to make out the real reason for the following issue: wireless printer connected but not printing. Users can choose the control panel option to get started with printing a network test report for your printer. Users can also refer to the instructions manual that came with the printer.

Reconfigure your printer in case you have made any updates and changes to your device:

Users may face a Printer connected but not printing issue if there are any new updates with the device (printer). Users can go for configuring the printer settings to eradicate connection issues with the printer. Users can get in touch with the service provider to rule out anything from their end.

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