Why Is It Important to Replace Your Fridge Filter?

In most houses, the fridge gets the least importance and maintenance compared to other electrical devices such as air conditioners, washing machines, microwaves, etc. The only time we decide to take care of the fridge is when some problem is detected therein. However, we must understand that just like other electronic devices, our fridges also demand proper cleaning and maintenance.

One of the maintenance tips that we often skip is not replacing fridge filters regularly. It is understandable since you won’t figure out why there is a pressing need to replace our fridge filter when the water tastes just the same. However, if you haven’t replaced your fridge filters in about 1-2 years, then you should take action immediately and get a new refrigerator filter

Why Should We Replace It?

Now to address the elephant in the room, i.e., why should we replace it when the water looks and tastes just fine. The water that we drink daily is the city water which has been chemically treated to get rid of viruses and pathogens. The fridge filters are used to work on this chemically treated safe drinking water. However, when we do not regularly replace our fridge filters, all the viruses and contaminants that were previously blocked through the chemical treatment tend to come back and contaminate the water we are drinking.

This contaminated water then enters our digestive system and can cause major digestive and gastrointestinal problems and induce flu-like symptoms. Most of us cannot understand whether or not the water has been contaminated because, most of the time, contaminated water does not taste any different from clean water since these contaminants may be tasteless.

Hence, to stay on the safer side, we must take precautionary measures and replace our refrigerator filters regularly.

How Often Should We Replace It?

The next question pops into your head: how often we should replace the fridge filters and get a new one. Usually, this question should be posed when you are purchasing a new fridge, directly from the seller since he will be able to guide you best.

However, through this article, we can tell you that when it comes to a couple with no children or just two people living together, you need to replace it once a year. But when a family with children regularly uses the ice tray and water dispenser, it is best to get it replaced every six months.


If you haven’t got your fridge filter changed in several years, then it is no news that what you are drinking every day is not clean water. If you are looking to buy a new fridge filter, you should try “Filter for Fridge” as they boast some of the best-branded filters, such as Whirlpool refrigerator filters and more, and you can also gesmartwater filter mwf. It is high time that we start paying careful heed to our health and safety.

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Written by Ahmad Alagbari