Why Cupcakes Will Always Be A Popular Dessert Franchise Choice


Considering a dessert franchise opportunity? Like many of us, you may have a sweet tooth. Or maybe you love the idea of making and serving desserts all day long. Whether it’s a sweet tooth or the sheer delight you get from making beautiful desserts to please people, a cupcake dessert franchise might be just what you’re looking for.


In this article, we’ll cover a few fun facts about cupcakes, followed by several reasons why cupcakes are the best dessert choice to make when serving guests, or asked to bring a dessert to a party.


The Cupcake’s Sweet Beginnings


A cup of cake: The term “cupcake” was originally used in the late 19th century for cakes made from ingredients measured by the cupful. The traditional pound cake recipe was easy to remember for its pound of butter, pound of sugar, pound of flour, and pound of eggs. Likewise, the name “cupcake” refers to how the recipe was measured: one cup butter, two cups sugar, three cups flour, and four eggs.


Early cupcakes were baked in teacups or ramekins (small clay pots) before the invention of the
multi-cup pans we use today. Hence, a cup of cake!


Here are Some fun Cupcake Facts:


Hostess Cupcake with the most-ess: Hostess® Cupcakes, arguably the world’s most famous packaged cupcake, were originally made in the 1950s. Instead of making full-sized cakes, the company decided to make cupcakes because they take less time to bake than cakes. Less time baking (17 minutes) meant more cupcakes could be made in a single day. The Hostess conveyor oven can turn out 11,000 cupcakes an hour! At last count, Hostess was selling over 600 million Cupcakes each year.


The world’s largest cupcake opportunity: On August 15, 2009 a gourmet gift basket company broke the world record for the largest cupcake ever made. The cupcake was 1,224 pounds, 4 foot tall by 10 foot wide, and had 2 million calories. “No, we don’t sell anything that big,” said the company. “But just imagine the shipping cost!”


Cupcake couture for sale: The world’s most expensive cupcake is the Rox Diamond cupcake. It was created to honor the annual Glam in the City event in Scotland. The cupcake, a pretty pink treat, is dripping with tiny diamonds and is worth over $150,000!


That’s not the only example of cupcake couture. Food Network UK once made a cupcake dress from 300 of the tiny treats. Inspired by Marie Antoinette, the dress was designed by Janis Morrison, using purple, red and pink cupcakes. The price tag? $1,257! 3


Now that we have tantalized you with fun facts about cupcakes, let’s get to the reason why they make the perfect dessert choice, and why a cupcake dessert franchise opportunity will always be a popular place in any neighborhood.


Why Cupcakes are the Perfect Dessert Franchise Opportunity?


When you own a cupcake dessert franchise business, you’ll have many opportunities to delight your customers who are looking for a dessert for any party, special occasion or dinner with guests. Look at all these reasons why a cupcake dessert franchise is a delicious, smart choice:


Reason #1: Easy to handle. At a party, cupcakes are much easier to hand out than cake, and hey make less of a mess. Little kids often (or always!) tend to make a mess out of icing, and cake may allow too much room for disaster.


Moreover, when you serve a plate of cake at a stand-up event, it keeps people from socializing. For instance, it’s awkward to walk around and socialize while holding a plate of cake, a fork and possibly a beverage. Your guests don’t have to deal with this if they are holding a cupcake.


Reason #2: No need for the cake cutting. During any type of celebration, one person is usually responsible for cutting a cake. It sounds simple, but it could be stressful when the person responsible for cutting the cake wants to mingle with other people. Or worse, what if they aren’t careful about making each piece the same size? And of course, woe is the cake cutter who ignores special requests from the guests!



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Written by Michelle Austin

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