Spotless Screen: A Guide to Fixing White Spots on Mobile Screen

Mar 5, 2024 - 11:17
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Spotless Screen: A Guide to Fixing White Spots on Mobile Screen

Most of the users would be wondering how to fix white spots on the phone screen. The person would be able to see these dots anywhere on the screen. Through this article, the person would be able to get detailed information about how to deal with this problem. 

Why There is a White Spot on The Phone Screen?

If the person has gone through screen replacement then they might be able to see white spot on mobile screen. The person would be able to see these white sports because when they have given the phone for repair and the technician must have tightened the screws excessively. This would be affecting the screens to a larger extent. 

The person has to rectify the problem within the smartphone rather than make adjustments in the settings of the mobile phone. If the person is having problems related to unresponsive touch or ghost taps then this would be resolved through the settings. But the white spot issues would be resolved by following various methods which are written below.

How to Fix White Spots on The Phone Screen?

To solve the white spot on the screen issue, the person has to either visit the service center which is available near their home, or use the specialised screwdriver which is very useful to remove the panel from the smartphone. 

When the person opens a mobile phone, they would be able to see various circuits, motherboards, and many more things. They just have to unscrew the screw which is present just beside the white spot. If the person can see a white spot in the middle then there would be a screw which would be causing trouble. It is better to adjust the screw or remove the screw. 

There are cases when the technician has tightened the screw excessively then which may show some adverse effect on the screen. These white spots on the screen could be due to foreign objects or any pressing on the screen from the back. If the person wants to rectify the problem, then they have to open the mobile phone. The person has to visit the service center if they are not having a solution to this problem.

The service center professionals are experts in these issues because they have knowledge and experience. If the person does not have proper knowledge about the phone it is better to visit the experts in the service center before making any attempts on the mobile phone. Otherwise, if the person is attempting any experiments on the screen then they may cause some damage to the mobile phone. In some cases, the screen would not be recovered easily. 


The white spots on the screen can be caused because of various reasons. Some of the reasons are foreign objects which are used in the background, pressing from the background or excessively tightening of the screws. It is very important to identify the cause because it may cause adverse effects on the mobile phone. 

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