Which National Football Teams Have Booked Their Tickets to Qatar

With a year to go to the beginning of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Lionel Messi’s Argentina turned into the furthest down the line of previous managers to book a ticket. Argentina played out a goalless draw with harsh opponents Brazil to get the billet from South America. Brazil, England, Germany, France, and Spain are other previous heroes to have equipped for the 22nd Football World Cup.

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As the principal capability stage for the FIFA World Cup 2022 approaches its decision, here’s a gander at the confederation-wise qualified groups and other people who can make the excursion to Qatar. FIFA World Cup is planned to occur between November 21 and December 18.

Perhaps once and for all, 32 groups will contend in the greatest single-sport occasion on the planet with FIFA currently working to extend the worldwide competition to 48 groups for the 2026 FIFA World Cup version, which will be played in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Qualifying matches for the FIFA World Cup 2022 are played on FIFA matchdays. The most recent matchday (8) was November 16, 2021. What’s more, the excess matchdays for the qualifiers are – January 27 (9), January 30 (10). February 2 (11), March 24 (12), March 27 (13) and March 30 (14), 2022.

Europe (UEFA) 

UEFA will send the best number of groups (13) to Football World Cup. 10 gathering champs from the European Qualifiers get immediate capability spots, with the last three spots getting through the end of the season games. There are ten gatherings. The end of the season games includes the 10 matches other participants and the two best-positioned bunch victors from the Nations League, who neglected to get an immediate spot or finish second.

Teams Qualified (10): Germany (Group J champs), Denmark (Group F victors), France (Group D victors), Belgium (Group E champs), Croatia (Group H victors), Spain (Group B champs), Serbia (Group A champs), England (Group I champs), Switzerland (Group C victors), Netherlands (Group G champs)

Team in Playoffs: Portugal (Group A), Sweden (B), Italy (C), Ukraine (D), Wales (E), Scotland (F), Turkey (G), Russia (H), Poland (I), and North Macedonia (J).

Teams still conflict for capability, through Nations League: Italy, Wales, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Armenia, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands.

Africa (CAF) 

Five groups can qualify from Africa. After the first round, highlighted by 28 groups, 14 groups entered the second round, where the main 26 mainland groups went along with them in ten gatherings. Which groups make the excursion to Qatar World Cup might be known in 2022, after the third and last round of African Qualifiers. The ten groups that have been equipped for the following year’s end of the season games are Algeria (A), Tunisia (B), Nigeria (C), Cameroon (D), Mali (E), Egypt (F), Ghana (G), Senegal (H), Morocco (I) and DR Congo (J).

These ten teams will battle for five accessible openings more than two legs, the standard home-away installations. Who plays whom in the third round will be chosen in a draw?

South America (CONMEBOL) 

Four South American groups will get an immediate accommodation, with the fifth-place group in the 10-group South American Qualifiers getting a possibility through the between confederation playoffs, versus a group from another confederation. The two-legged playoffs are planned for June 22. For more t know about FIFA World Cup Tickets Click here.

Teams Qualified (2): Brazil and Argentina.

Different groups contending in the CONMEBOL qualifiers are Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Asia (AFC) 

Four Asian groups will get an immediate billet. Another group can procure World Cup tickets through the between confederation play-off. Hosts Qatar got the programmed capability. So, in principle, the FIFA World Cup 2022 version can have six Asian groups participating.

Teams Qualified (1): Qatar as the hosts.

The initial two groups in each gathering of six groups each in the third round will meet all requirements for the Qatar Football World Cup 2022. Furthermore, the two third-set groups in the third adjust the face to acquire the option to play in the between confederation play-off. It will be single-match apparatuses.

Teams in the third round are:

Group A – Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates.

Group B – Australia, China, Japan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

North and Central America, and the Caribbean (CONCACAF)

Three groups from the Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) get immediate FIFA World Cup 2022 spaces, with one getting a possibility through the between confederation play-off. For more t know about World Cup Tickets Click here.

Eight groups – five top groups (positioned 1 to 5 dependents on the FIFA rankings of July 2020, and the three champs of the second round – will contend in the third round with the main three groups getting immediate capabilities. The fourth-put group will progress to the between confederation end of the season games.

The eight groups are Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, and the United States.

Oceania (OFC) 

There’s one between confederation play-off space accessible for the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC). 11 groups will contend in the first round with the main four making the subsequent stage – a two-legged take out. The two champs then, at that point, play the last.

11 groups are American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, and Vanuatu. The arrangement of 32 public football crews for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be finished before the finish of March 2022.

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