What to do when recruited as a volunteer?

What to do when recruited as a volunteer?

Getting a volunteer work in India can be quite a hard task. Currently, landing a mere volunteer job where you do not even get a penny as the wage is a struggle. Well, it is important to learn about the things you need to do when you get a position in an organization as a volunteer.

You need to practice certain basic things to get the best out of your experience quest. Depending on the duration it took you to land the opportunity, it is important to consider these factors

Treat the offer as a job.

When making the application, do not take the offer casually. Take the offer as a full-time job. In as much as most organizations do not pay a penny, they would want everything to appear professional.

The current competition in India is high as many applicants are looking forward to getting similar opportunities. The organizations will call you for interviews, and they will ask for more information about you. Do not be economical with words.

Do not develop an attitude just because it is only voluntary. Focus on the job and accept it with your heart. The interview gives you an opportunity to understand the organization and see if it will give you the experience that you desire.

Inquire about what is expected of you as a volunteer

Most organizations that offer volunteer work have different targets to beat. These organizations seek to solve specific problems. The volunteers are expected to accomplish certain things, and the organizations have a planned schedule for them.

As a voluntary worker, this is an opportunity to ask what is expected of you during your stay at the organization. There are certain opportunities which require flexibility and others are a little rigid.

The information on how the company operates helps you to organize yourself so that you can get ahead of them. Work according to the schedule which you are given and follow the rules.

Undertake any necessary training 

As a new volunteer worker, there could be some knowledge which may be out of reach. The job which you have undertaken can be challenging, and you need to get more training to undertake certain tasks.

In India, the volunteer position that one can take may not be in line with the knowledge the individual has gained. More training is necessary to equip such people to get the best out of the organizations. Some of these training requires you to pay for them. You do not have to undertake them if you have to struggle to pay for it.

Start out slowly

Your commitment to the voluntary work depends on your ability to relate to the given job. You may not want to fully commit yourself to a voluntary position which you are likely going to regret later.

It is advisable to start out slowly and see if you want to commit yourself before regretting your options. There are certain voluntary works which may not be valuable to your career or help you in growing in your field.

Try different organizations if there is a need 

India has different and several volunteer programs for volunteer work. You should not stick to a single position if it makes you unhappy. Your experience is very important, and you can try options in different places if your current organization does not give you what you are seeking.

Places can be shifted until you find your best location. You can equally determine the duration within which you want to stay in a single location as this will add onto your discipline and exposure.

Depending on your interests, treat your application as an actual job. You have to define how you want to work and the duration you wish to take in your current place of operation. Look out for more options, understand how the organization operates and take different pieces of training if they are beneficial to you.             

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Written by Varun Verma