What Makes Aloha Poke Co. One of the Best Poke Franchises?

The poke food industry is growing fast. Aloha Poke Co. brings our poke bar franchise concept to new markets across the Midwest and beyond with our low poke franchise cost. Since 2019, Aloha Poke Co. has made franchises available to qualified investors. We have 18 locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, and DC, with more to follow soon.

Simplicity is the foundation of everything that we do. It reflects on our build-out, operations, and menu. With our low poke franchise cost, you could easily cultivate a feel-good and inviting environment.

At Aloha Poke Co., our low poke franchise cost model features smaller space requirements: no ventilation, black iron, grills, fryers, ovens, hoods, or huge dining areas. With our “pay-first” customer model, operations can be less complex and provide faster execution.


Poke bowls can be a great addition to functional food trends. With a low poke franchise cost, functional foods can positively affect health beyond basic nutritional needs, boost optimal health, and reduce various disease risks.

Customers are starting to look for healthier options that they can personalize, and poke can fit into this approach perfectly. Tuna and salmon are among the healthiest fish to consume. When you serve a poke bowl with their choices of proteins, vegetables, and superfood ingredients, your customers can enjoy fresh and delicious meals.

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Written by Michelle Austin

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