What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is the inabilityto get an erection for sex. Having trouble with erection from time totime is not such a big problem. It becomes a problem when it becomesan ongoing process, and for certainty, you do not get an erection.

It causes stress, affectsself-confidence, lowers self-esteem, and contributes to relationshipproblems. When it becomes a routine, it becomes a vexing problem. Itcan be caused because of certain diseases, emotional and physicalcauses, and even by taking certain medicines.

Before treating EDanxiety and stress, itis important to know the root cause of it. Hence, here we are to tellyou 4 causes of erectile dysfunction:

1- Depression

Sexual arousal first starts with themind. The excitement begins in your head and works its way down.Well, there are many drugs that can treat depression, and inverselyit affects your sexual life. It can lower the sexual drive andaffects the erection. Taking drugs to treat depression causes a delayin your orgasm and makes it harder for you to get involved sexually.

2- Obesity

Gaining extra pounds can affect yoursexual life. It just does not lower your self-esteem but also makesyou a poor sexual performer. Men who are obese generally have lowerlevels of the male hormone testosterone.

The male hormone testosterone is veryimportant for sexual desire and makes it easier for erection. Obesityis also linked to high blood pressure, which makes the arteries hard.It reduces the blood flow into the penis and creates problems inerection.

3- Stress

It is not easy to get in a sexualmood when you have a lot of responsibilities at home and work. Ittakes a toll on different parts of your body, including your penis.

Dealing with stress brings a lotof change in your lifestyle, including erection. Therefore,relaxation, exercising, regular sleep can help you to deal withstress and get back to your sexual life.

4- Anxiety

Anxiety makes you a poor performer inbed. It can make you fear and avoid intimacy, which can put a bigstrain on your relationship and sex life. Anxiety from other parts ofyour life can also spill over to the bedroom. 

To conclude

Erectile dysfunction is a very commonproblem in men. Although you are more likely to develop EDanxiety and stress as you age, it can be treated at any age.

Some health-related factors andbehaviors also cause erection issues like smoking, drinking alcohol,or using illegal drugs. It can be embarrassing to have words withyour doctor regarding this issue, but it is the best way to get backto being intimate with your partner.

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