What are Handblock Indian Prints?

Handblock Indian prints are greatly popular in every part of India. India is often called a center of cotton hand block prints. The different states of India have different names for handblock Indian prints. For example, in Madhya Pradesh it is called Bagh, in Gujarat it is named ajrakh, while Rajasthan has rich traditions of sanganeri block prints and dabu. Block printing started in India during the Indus valley civilization which dates back to around 3500 to 1300 BC.

The art and process of block printing requires great precision and incredible artistry since the process is completely manual. It is a tough process. The process of block printing requires the following steps:

a. First of all, the desired design is carved upon the wooden blocks by cutting them. A handle is attached to the wooden blocks to easily dip it into color. Then these blocks are lifted and printed on the cloth. After carving the blocks they need to be soaked in oil for 10 to 15 days to get them softened.

b. After that the fabric which is to be printed is washed thoroughly, dried in the sun and laid down on a large table while fastening it with pins. This helps to get rid of the starch.

c.  The next step is preparing the colors. Using pigment binder and glue colors are prepared in different trays.

d. Finally, by dipping the block in a tray full of colors, it is pressed hard with fist on the fabric. The design is made from outward to inward. For example, the outline first gets printed with dark or black color then various colors are filled in it.

e. After the printing process the fabric is dried in the sun and washed with water and acid. It is dried once again. Then the color gets fixed in the fabric.

There are many benefits of wearing handblock Indian printed cotton dresses like:

1. Appropriate for various events and occasions

Hand block cotton prints are designed with a wide range of patterns that are suitable for office look, casual look, party wear or any rituals, events or ceremonies.

2. Fashion and comfort blended

Dresses with Indian prints are both fashionable and comfortable. For example, these dresses add to the glamour quotient as well as they can be worn all day long because of the convenience and comfort they provide.

3. Available in reasonable prices

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