Unique ways to Style a Navy Blue Kurta for Men

The navy blue kurta is a timeless must-have for Indian men. However, wearing the same old basic navy kurta can become boring after a while.

Mar 9, 2024 - 15:42
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Unique ways to Style a Navy Blue Kurta for Men

The Navy Blue Kurta: A Wardrobe Staple for Stylish Men

The navy blue color kurta is a timeless must-have for Indian men. However, wearing the same old basic navy kurta can become boring after a while. To keep your look fresh and stand out from the crowd, add your own unique touch to this flexible piece. In this article, we'll look at some unique ways to wear a simple navy blue kurta and elevate your look. 

Opt for Prints and Patterns 

One way to add visual interest to a solid navy kurta is by choosing one with subtle prints or patterns. Floral motifs are a popular choice that works well in navy. Look for tiny blossoms scattered all over or along the hem in lighter shades of blue or off-white. Geometric patterns like tiny paisleys or zigzags are also a stylish option. Keep the prints minimal so the navy color is still the hero piece. You can also go for a kurta featuring a small all-over print, like tiny dots or a fine stripe. Prints add personality to an otherwise plain kurta.

Layer with Waistcoats or Jackets

Layering is an excellent way to make your navy kurta look professional. Choose a solid-colored waistcoat or jacket in a complementary color, such as off-white, stone, light grey, or beige. This adds visual attraction and balances the dark navy color. For a more formal occasion, use a sleek silk or cotton waistcoat.

Pair with Statement Pants 

While most men stick to regular pants or churidars with their kurtas, you can stand out by pairing your navy number with a unique bottom. Distressed or ripped denim works well for a trendier vibe. You can also opt for printed or patterned pants in colors like khaki, stone, or olive for something different. Statement prints like oversized floral, checks, or paisleys also make a style statement. Just make sure the prints on your kurta and pants don't clash. Let one be solid while the other features prints or patterns. This unexpected bottom-top combo jazzes up your look.

Add Eye-Catching Accessories

Small accessories can transform an ordinary kurta into something extraordinary. Stack some statement neckpieces like long kadas or chunky layered necklaces in silver or gold tones. You can also wear a slim watch or stackable bracelets in contrasting metallic hues. Opt for accessories featuring unique designs with textures, gemstones or carvings for standout appeal. Even a simple scarf with an interesting print, tied around your neck adds instant flair. Accessories provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and instantly elevate your look.

Play with Hem and Neckline Details

Pretty details are a subtle way to glam up a plain kurta. Look for options featuring delicate embroidered patterns or threadwork along the placket, hem, or neckline. Keep the embroidery minimal - tiny floral motifs, paisleys, or geometric designs in contrasting colors like gold, silver, or pastels make a style statement without overwhelming the kurta. You can also opt for kurtas with pretty trims or piping along the neck, hem, or armholes in a complementary hue. These small tailored touches make your kurta look unique.

Roll Up Your Sleeves 

One easy way to infuse some edge into your navy kurta is by rolling up the sleeves - just below or mid-elbow level. This instantly makes the outfit feel more casual, relaxed, and trendy. It also shows off any watches, bracelets, or arm candy. For a polished daytime look, keep the sleeves rolled neatly. You can also loosely roll them for an undone, weekend-ready vibe. The rolled-up sleeves create visual interest and make the outfit feel fresh. It's a simple styling hack that makes a big impact.

Choose the Right Bottom Colours 

While navy pairs well with most hues, opting for certain pants or churidar shades makes your kurta stand out even more. Light colors like off-white, stone, and beige work like a dream. You can also pair navy with other darker shades but in different tones - charcoal, olive, or khaki bottoms look striking. Earthy colors like rust, mustard, and maroon also pair beautifully. Avoid going monochrome with solid black or other dark bottoms. Introduce tonal contrast with your bottom picks to make the navy kurta pop.


The navy blue kurta is a versatile wardrobe staple that can be styled in many unique ways. By playing with prints, layers, accessories, details, and color combinations - you can make this classic piece feel fresh and personalized. Experiment fearlessly to find what works best for your style. A little creativity goes a long way in taking your looks to the next level!

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