Understanding the importance of Move out Cleaning services along with their coverage

choose the move out cleaning Singapore Company that suits your need the best.

Apr 13, 2024 - 13:08
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Understanding the importance of Move out Cleaning services along with their coverage
Move out Cleaning services

Move out Cleaning Services is specialized cleaning services. It provides deep cleaning of the empty house. In comparison to regular cleaning routines, these services are much more comprehensive. The services include mopping and vacuuming. This kind of cleaning services include the cleaning of windows and mirrors. Apart from this, it also includes cleaning the inside of the drawers and cupboards, deep stain scrubbing and spot removal in the walls. Vacuuming, mopping floors, carpet shampooing, removing cobwebs, dusting ceiling fans, wiping and disinfecting mirrors, dusting and wiping door frames and doors etc. Choosing a good move out cleaning Singapore company will help.

How long does it take to complete the Move Out Cleaning Service?

The cleanliness and the size of the room will determine, the amount of time it will take to clean the room. In some cases, even cleaning a small house might take a lot of time if the house is too dirty. If the house is too old, the objects in the older house have a lot of dust and filth and that’s why it takes much longer. The move out cleaning will take much lesser time, if you have been cleaning your house regularly.

What is covered under the move out cleaning service?

Move out cleaning services include:


ü  Floor scrubbing with single disc machine

ü  Dry dusting & cob- web removal from all home

ü  Dry vacum of sofa, carpet

ü  Cleaning of all doors and windows

ü  Dry vacum in all home area

ü  Balcony area cleaning, fans, mirror cleaning

ü  Cleaning of wardrobe and cupboard exterior only


ü  Interior cleaning of trolleys and shelves

ü  Cleaning of kitchen tiles, slabs and floor

ü  Include exhaust, sink and gas stove cleaning


ü  Cleaning of bathroom tiles & floor

ü  Stain Removal from WC, washbasin

ü  Includes taps and fixture cleaning

Not Included

ü  Equipment Used

ü  Moving of kitchen utensils

ü  Paint/Cement/Gum Stains if any

ü  Vacum Cleaner

ü  Chemical Used

ü  Moving of heavy furniture

ü  Single Disc Scrubber

Team Size


Time Taken (approx)

6-7 hours


Once you have decided to relocate, it is also important for you to decide whether you want to hire the cleaning services. There are several things that you need to take into account when hiring the cleaning services and the most important thing is the budget and your convenience. So choose the move out cleaning SingaporeCompany that suits your need the best.

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