Ultimate FAQ About Spaying Your Dog – 43 Questions, Answered.

Spaying your puppy is a really big deal. 

As a result? It comes with a butt load of questions, and understandably so. 

It’s undoubtedly always best for you to understand what’s happening in the procedure and sometimes you can walk away from your vet feeling like you understand, but questions arise over time and that’s when we turn to other sources.

Sometimes these sources aren’t always that reliable, so I want to help you guys with your questions. I’ve taken some questions from my Rebarkable Paw-rents, and I’ve asked Instagram followers, and I’ve pulled a bunch of data from other sources to make sure that this post answers everything you can think of. 

I’ve broken it into 5 categories, The Fundamentals, When…, The Surgery, Aftercare, and Financials. This way I can try and tackle all the points of confusion that happen with spaying. My goal is to get you making the very best decision for your little ladies!

Feel free to not read every point and skip around the article, satisfy your questions, and if you’ve not got your question answered by the end? Email me and I’ll include it ASAP! 

There will also be a bit of repetition in this, because sometimes the questions boil down to quite similar things.

The Spay surgery is tough on dogs, so figure out if it's right for youThe Spay surgery is tough on dogs, so figure out if it’s right for you and your pup Caveat 

This article is aimed at my audience of responsible puppy parents. I aim to help create informed puppy parents who are confident, capable and knowledgeable in order to make the very best decisions for their dogs. This is all part of becoming a phenomenal guardian for their dog, and their dogs best advocate. 

I support a learning process. That’s my ethos with everything, to make you the very best puppy parent you can be, with this blog and with tools like my puppy development emails, Pupdates.

This is not for you if: 

❌ You will read without consideration
❌ You are militant about your stance on spaying and neutering (be it positive or negative)
❌ You are not intending on being your dogs best advocate. 


This section will cover the ‘core’ considerations and explanations associated with spaying so that we can start off on the right paw and move into some of the more complex issues as we go through the article. 

1 – What Is “Spaying” A Dog?

A “spay” is (simply put) the process by which your dog is rendered surgically unable to breed. This sterilization technique most commonly includes the removal of: 

  • The Ovaries 
  • The Fallopian tubes
  • The Uterus

Of your dog in order to remove her ability to reproduce, create hormones, and to stop her going into heat (this is sometimes called her season or estrus). 

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