Types of Engineered Wood Flooring Service

Engineered hardwood is a series of derivative wood products made by joining the strands, fibers, particles, or veneers of woods together with an adhesive or other systems of joining in making a composite material.  Compared to a solid piece of wood with no layer, an engineered wood floor is considered a different type with a combination of hardwood and plywood.

However, when it comes to the improvement and beautification of the house, changing the flooring is another major remodeling project you must consider. So, with various flooring options available to use, the installation of engineered wood flooring in MA is the most appealing go for because it is the most cost-effective and still the most sort after option to pick.

Types of Engineered Wood Flooring

There are various classifications of engineered wood floor, as the classification can be based on the installation method, texture, pressure applied during production, surface finish, and then wood type. However, the necessary classification to checkout is the installation method of engineered wood flooring in MA, making it easier when considering what to go for.

  • Glued Method of Installation

This method requires the use of adhesives to be put on joints to make the grip most efficient. This type of installation method can be used in the kitchen region. By using the best kitchen flooring services in Massachusetts, you can add a whole new character to your kitchen floor, offering it a more durable and warmer environment. It can either be glued during or before installation. This method holds the woods to the subfloor.

  • Nail-Down Method of Installation

Considering this method of installing engineered wood flooring in MA, it is quite popular compared to other methods. This method aids in coupling the engineered wood floor to the wood subfloors, therefore fastening the installation process. It involves the use of staples to join the hardwood to the subfloor.

  • Click-Lock Method of Installation

This installation method is still the most cost-effective type to consider, as there are no extra expenses of purchasing either glue or nail. Considering modernization, this click-lock method of installation is best used in the preferred area of the house. If used in the kitchen, consulting a kitchen floor service in Massachusetts would know the most efficient one to pick, suit your kitchen.  

What Styles Do Engineered Wood Support

The engineered wood can come in various styles for any part of your house. There are various trending wood species such as maple, oak, and hickory. And there are also various finishes for each part of the house, from semi-gloss, high-gloss, and various others. For people in the colder region, engineered wood flooring is still the best option to choose. However, it is important to check with the kitchen flooring service in Massachusetts to know that the style you have picked is good enough to use for your kitchen. Anywhere you decide to install the hardwood floor, it will beautify and make the surface durable.


The engineered wood flooring adds a whole new level of beauty and warmth to your house, making the floor quite attractive and a sight to behold.

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