Toronto Immigration Lawyer


It can be challenging to navigate immigration requirements, but with the right  immigration lawyer  on your side, they can make the process seamless. An immigration lawyer can provide guidance on matters regarding visa applications, citizenship and naturalization, deportation issues, along with preparing various other types of immigration documents.


At Aion Law‚ our legal team and experienced lawyers have dedicated years of knowledge and experience to helping our clients find suitable solutions to their immigration cases.


We have proudly represented many families, individuals, and businesses of all sizes on immigration and refugee law cases. Whether you need help with your temporary or permanent resident applications, your immigration appeals, refugee status claims or any other immigration matters that require urgent attention, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive approach to legal consultation and result-oriented client service.


At Aion Law we can help with the preparation of all immigration-related documents, and offer a broad range of immigration services including the following:




    • Canadian Temporary Resident Visa Service
    • Canadian Permanent Residence Immigration
    • Immigration Appeals‚ Hearings and Interviews
    • Canadian Citizenship Services
    • Deportation Appeals
    • Business immigration matters, including intercompany transfers and Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs)
    • Study Permits, Work Permits, Visitor Permits
    • Family Sponsoring
    • Spousal Sponsoring
    • Refugee Protection Claims
    • Immigration appeals to the Board and the Federal Court




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