Top 8 Multi Vendor Marketplace Apps for Shopify in 2024

Discover the leading multi-vendor marketplace apps for Shopify in 2024. Explore top-rated platforms empowering seamless integration, enhanced functionality, and unparalleled scalability for your eCommerce stores

Mar 27, 2024 - 18:57
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Top 8 Multi Vendor Marketplace Apps for Shopify in 2024
Multi Vendor Marketplace Apps for Shopify

The eCommerce environment is dynamic and so is the multi-vendor marketplace model that has gained remarkable popularity. This model helps multiple sellers to sell their products on one platform, thus providing a customer with many options and convenience.

For Shopify users, incorporating a multi-vendor market into their eCommerce strategy can help to grow their sales and improve customer satisfaction. In 2024 we can find various apps that make this integration possible, each providing different functionalities geared towards meeting different business requirements.

Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Apps

eCommerce sales are expected to reach more than 6.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2024. Here is the list of top 8 multi-vendor marketplace apps for Shopify in 2024. Businesses can use Shopify multivendor marketplace development services to customize these solutions according to their specific needs.

Multi vendor marketplace by Webkul

Webkul's marketplace app for Shopify converts regular Shopify stores into dynamic marketplaces that can accommodate numerous vendors and products. The app simplifies the process of commission calculation and allows vendors to have their own profile, which enhances the credibility of the marketplace. Its multi-vendor and multi-product scalability is targeted at firms that want to grow their market and at the same time have no performance issues.

VendorPayout by EcomSolid

VendorPayout strives to streamline the financial processes of operating a multi-vendor marketplace. It automates the entire payment process, from calculating the commission of each vendor to executing the payout. The app also generates detailed financial reports for marketplace owners which illustrate the financial operations clearly.

 Marketplace in a box by Jetti

Marketplace in a box provides a way for Shopify stores to easily add drop shipping and multi-vendor features. It streamlines the complex procedures of order routing and vendor payouts, which significantly reduces the operational burden for marketplace managers. 

This app has a competitive advantage with its ability to synchronize inventory and update item information across vendors, thereby ensuring that customers have access to accurate and current product data. provides an advanced solution where Shopify stores are easily transformed into full-fledged marketplaces. It offers a wide range of business models, takes care of vendor onboarding, order management, vendor payments and many more. is highly appreciated because it makes it possible to customize vendor agreements and automate many administrative tasks around the management of a multi-vendor platform.

Bazaar by Zooomy

Bazaar by Zooomy increases customer engagement by enabling users to follow the vendors they like, get notifications about new products, and avail special offers. This app is all about building a community around the marketplace. It encourages repeat visits and cultivates a loyal customer base. By offering a more personalized shopping experience, Bazaar assists marketplaces to differentiate themselves in a competitive eCommerce environment.

Multi vendor split cart by Incify

Multi Vendor Split Cart handles the issue of handling multiple shopping carts from different vendors within a transaction. This app eliminates the complicated checkout process by allowing customers to purchase from different vendors in one go. Its capability to group purchases together in a single checkout process increases customer satisfaction tremendously, and can lead to higher sales for the marketplace.

Vendor bridge by Carro

Vendor Bridge is a tool which allows Shopify store owners to collaborate with each other by sharing the same products and promoting cross-selling. With this method, brands can expand their product assortment and attract new customers without bearing the cost of extra inventories. Vendor Bridge is unique in the way it creates a network of the Shopify stores, while at the same time helping to grow the market for all the vendors.


Spocket assists Shopify stores in finding a global supplier network and providing access to numerous excellent products. The company’s priority on trusted suppliers and simplified order processing is what makes it a preferred choice by the stores that want to expand their product catalog without worrying about inventory management. Spocket is really appreciated for its user-friendliness and product diversity.

The Role of a Custom Shopify Multi Vendor Marketplace Development

For businesses with unique needs or those looking to create a highly differentiated marketplace, Custom Shopify multivendor marketplace development offers the flexibility to build a solution from the ground up. This approach allows for the creation of bespoke features, such as custom vendor dashboards, advanced product management tools, and unique customer loyalty programs. Custom development ensures that every aspect of the marketplace reflects the brand’s vision and provides a competitive edge in the market.


In 2024, Shopify continues to be a powerful platform for creating multi-vendor marketplaces, offering a wide range of apps to support this business model. Whether you choose an off-the-shelf app or opt for custom development, the key to success lies in selecting the right solution that aligns with your business objectives. 

By leveraging the expertise of CartCoders, businesses can unlock the full potential of their online marketplace, ensuring scalability, performance, and a unique value proposition in the eCommerce landscape.

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