Top 10 Ways to Keep Kids Creative

Parents understand that instead of helping kids with everything they do, be it playing games or a simple answer as they are learning in school, they should encourage their kids to be more creative. Creativity will grow with age if it gets the right path.

But creativity is a skill, which kids pick up without a prompt. Are you looking for ways to keep your kids creative? We have found 10 ways for you that will help you in the matter.

  1. A platform to explore: Do you introduce your children to all sorts of art? Or even half of them? Be it dancing or sketching, singing or reading, a daycare in Pinner helps the kids to be exposed to all forms of art. It is important that they are good at it but what matters is their being aware. 
  2. Encourage their passions: Sometimes you might see your kid love the crayons, or sometimes it can be being outdoors playing in the sun. Preschools in Pinner provide various activities for the kids to encourage their passions.
  3. Show them that failing is okay: Especially while playing games or taking part in some competition, it is wise to aim for ranks, but it is also important to note that failure is not seen as taboo.
  4. Share your passions: Show them how your passions in life help you in leading a peaceful or fun-filled life. If you read, they would like to see you enjoy that. Talk about the stories you read.
  5. Give them challenges: Create a fun-filled series of challenges or games, but don’t make it too tough. Kids need to know that they can use their creativity to solve problems. Preschools in Pinner provide the kids with creative challenges to encourage creativity.
  6. Allow some boredom: Kids that are bored will do anything for the boredom to go away. You can use this time to help introduce them to a new hobby or skill, and if you are doing it with them and enjoying it, it is better.
  7. Schedule time for reading: Reading shouldn’t be just another hobby. While you will be careful about choosing the reading material, remember not to restrict them to educational materials only as finding an adventure world through reading is important too.
  8. Take them to museums: Give your kids a sense of adventure by taking them to museums, parks or out in nature. What they see might not always be understandable but they will be curious, which is important.
  9. Always lead, be an example: No matter what you want your child to do, do it yourself also. There’s no better way to instill creativity than doing it yourself or being an example.
  10. Talk with them: You can encourage your kids’ creativity by having conversations with them and talking about their passions. Talking might result in new ideas.


Rise Montessori Nursery is a daycare in Pinner that provides a safe and nurturing environment for the children to improve their creativity and prosper as they grow with their mates.

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