The Significance Of Accessibility & Inclusive Designs In The App Development Process

Inclusive design is the practice that is used by UX professionals that includes the needs of users without any kind of discrimination or exclusion.

Feb 27, 2024 - 19:32
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The Significance Of Accessibility & Inclusive Designs In The App Development Process

Inclusive design is the practice that is used by UX professionals that includes the needs of users without any kind of discrimination or exclusion. This design caters to every type of user including multiple features and elements that make it accessible to a diverse range of audience. This type of experience is generally excluded from the user experience group because of some disability or defect.

UX professionals have the power to shape their mobile designs in a way to provides accessibility and inclusivity to all types of users. This is a great way to change the digital world and start equipping more people who are often ignored or overlooked. However, an inclusive UX design like Uber is quite time-consuming, making people wonder How long does it take to build an app like Uber.

An Ultimate Guide To Incorporating Inclusive Design In App Development Process

There are certain key elements that should be incorporated into the development process of your mobile app to provide an impactful inclusive design.

  1. Customization Is The Way Towards Inclusiveness

Providing an inclusive design can also be achieved through a customized approach to your app. This will also allow people with visual difficulties or impairment to easily adjust the app according to their needs. You can provide the option to adjust font size, color themes, and contrast according to the specific needs and wants of the customers with full control.

  1. Offer Substitutive Text Feature On Images

Another key feature to include in your app is that you should provide alternative text features on images. This ensures that the test can also be read from other places besides images for people with visual impairments. This text should convey the exact message of the image.

  1. Provide Easy Navigation Through The Keyboard

Some people have a motor disability that hinders their movement and sensation. Through an easy navigation system of the keyboard, these users can locate everything by simply using the keyboard. This can be done by allowing access to the keyboard keys to move and access different features. This will make your app accessible to people with more types of disabilities. 

  1. Keep The Content Of Your App Clear And Short

Using clear and short content is the way to increase the accessibility of your app. Using simple language and avoiding complex words also increases its readability while making the content more understandable for a wider audience base. You can do this by avoiding the use of complex jargon and keeping your sentences concise with a clear objective.

  1. The Testing Phase Should Be Mandatory

The testing phase is an important part of any development process. If you are planning to provide an inclusive user experience then you must first test it on people with different disabilities and impairments. This can provide valuable insight for improvement for a clearer inclusive experience.

Uncovering Some Advantages Of Implementing An Inclusive Design

Some of the key elements that play a huge role in the development of an inclusive UX design are provided below.

  • Accessibility- An inclusive design promises accessibility to different types of users without discrimination. This includes the design containing appropriate text size, multiple language keyboards, and alternative text in images. This makes a mobile app seem more accessible to the diverse needs of users.

  • Scalability- By limiting your audience base and acting to only a specific part of the population, you will be missing out on many potential market opportunities. The scope of disabled people is becoming wide and common which makes many people adjust their apps according to it. By creating inclusive apps, you will be increasing your use and market base.

  • Legality- There are many countries that have started making mandatory adjustments to craft their services to support the disabled population. There are legal requirements and guidelines to build devices and applications that offer multiple support to disabilities. By implementing these you will also be safe from any further legal issues with the government.

  • Usability- Inclusive design enhances the overall usability of the app and makes it more accessible and readable to a wider population base. A user-friendly app will attract more consumers towards it while providing increased interaction and engagement. Moreover, an intuitive interface will assist in providing a much better user experience. 

Concluding Remarks!

It is crucial for app developers to keep all these key points in mind for developing an inclusive design that could leave a positive impact on the app industry and its user experience.

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