The Leading Teeth Whitening Treatment Provider in Singapore

Teeth whitening procedures help to remove the stains caused by various factors. The stains may be extrinsic, intrinsic or age-related when you have the discolouration on your teeth due to daily activities like drinking coffee, tobacco etc. Cleaning procedures by the dentist can remove the stains. Teeth whitening in Singapore can be done by the dentist or you can use a take-home whitening kit or over the counter products like teeth whitening strips and toothpaste. In general, teeth whitening done by a dentist is safe as your dentist first analyses your oral health and suggests the whitening plans and the schedule, so you don’t suffer from any adverse reactions. Usually, patients suffer from tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening if the amount of whitening elements are used more than the required.  Learn more about teeth whitening procedures and the treatment procedures by booking an appointment with Coast Dental clinic in Katong.

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