The History Of Sound Bath

The history of Sound Bath, even though it may feel like a new concept, is technically thousands of years old. The process has deep roots in many cultures around the world with each culture having its own variations and adaptations.

This is a process where a person or a group of people attending the session is spiritually cleansed with the help of music.

What does the term Sound Bath mean?

Sound Bath – The Sound Bath refers to a meditative experience where a person or a group of people are bathed in sound waves.

The process of Sound Bath is done to change and help balance the energy of the participants.

In Sound Bath, the person is bathed in sound waves. It doesn’t have to be a typical DJ, a concert, or a catchy rhythm. It could vary from different instruments and voices with notable overtones and resonance. It could even be resonant.

The different frequencies of sound healing instruments like tuning forks and crystal singing bowls affect different organs, emotions, illnesses, diseases, Chakras, and trauma

Sound Bath therapy has deep roots in science and therefore the principles of physics and sacred geometry is the basis of this therapy.

Hundreds of clinical trials and peer-reviewed white book studies are conducted on the healing properties of sound.

How to experience Sound Bath

Sound baths centers exist in brick and mortar locations all across the world.

In today’s modern world, it is even being conducted as “pop-up” sound baths that you can see in parks, churches, and other communal spaces.

It is very common to find sessions of Sound Bath in Yoga and meditation studios.

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