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Key constituents for building bone and bone density. Okay, so this is an important osteoporosis treatment, question. All right, so I want to return to where we left off last time in terms of complexity, and last time I showed you how the terpene synthases worked, but we didn’t get a chance to really zoom in and look at them in cascades. And so this seems like an appropriate point to pick things up, Buy Terpenes so here’s an example of different terpenes found in nature, these include the mono-terpenes which are C10, so all of these consists of two isoprene units joined in head to tail fashion, the terpenes which are C15, again all of these have three isoprenes and then the die-terpenes, C20’s that have four isoprene subunits. And again if we were — if we spend time looking at this we’ll find that all of these are — all these isoprene units are joined in head to tail fashion, sometimes it gets complicated,  but they’re definitely in there. 

Okay, so how do you get this rich structural diversity, how do you control this compound versus this compound or even if you have something like versus this over here, and the answer is by controlling the mechanistic pathways of the cyclization processes that synthesize these compounds, and so the terpene synthases that I described to you on Thursday are exceptional really at directing the outcome of a really complicated series of reactions. And so the one I’m going to start with is implicated in the biosynthesis of, so in this case, the enzyme takes this and it, okay, when it does that the next step in here is a True Terpenes or a cyclization reaction where each one of these electrons hops, hops so it starts here, hops here, hops there and in the end, you end up forming one, two, three, four, four-carbon, carbon bonds in one neat step. Okay, I’m showing this to you as a concerted reaction, meaning all four bonds are formed in a smooth pathway and this is one of the areas where chemists have been arguing for years about whether all this takes place in one step or not, to my mind the definitive experiment was done by E.J. Corey who showed pretty conclusively that actually there sort of multiple intermediates that are formed during these cyclization steps. 

And so I’m showing you all four er — all five eras hopping along at once, it probably doesn’t happen exactly like that, okay, all right, so after this cyclic — after this cyclization cascade this compound here undergoes a series of methol transfer events where hydrides and methods all the ones highlighted in pink over here hop around and move and migrate. And by doing this, this gets you to eventually which then becomes the basis for — this becomes the basis then for all human steroids, okay, Terpenes for sale so this is a  cyclization that all of you are doing even as we speak, okay. Let me just get you started with where these hydride shifts are going, so after the cascade, you end up with a tertiary, right here so you have this tertiary, the first hydride shift is a one, two hydride shift where this hydride in — this H that’s pink hops over to here giving you a new  — a new tertiary. So, let’s think about this for a moment, how might the enzyme preferentially stabilize one intermediate over another and then drive this reaction onward. I’ll give you a hint.

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