Steps to follow to find a perfect fit nappy for your little lad

Are you a first-time parent confused about how to choose the best nappy for your baby? It’s pretty straightforward. All you have got to do is follow these simple and quick steps — below. The process of finding the perfect nappy for a first-time parent can be tricky and learning as much as you can on how to go about it is only beneficial for you.


1. Consider biodegradable nappies

Natural baby products including nappies are amongst the best choices you can make for your baby considering the current environmental circumstances. Biodegradable nappies are as comforting as any other nappy and deliver a balanced experience your baby deserves. 


2. The Size 

Size is an important factor to consider when choosing a nappy. The size of a nappy that will fit your baby largely depends on the weight. So, make sure you are aware of your baby’s weight before ordering any size nappy that you think might fit your little one. Brands too generally have a size chart based on age and weight, you can refer to that. 


3. Not too tight, Neither too loose. 

The nappy should not be very on the waist of your baby as it can cause irritation in the long run. So, a better way to deal with this is if your baby is already wearing a nappy you can take two fingers and circle them inside and around the waist. If your fingers run smoothly, it means the nappy is just right. 


4. Look for signs of irritation 

In most cases, if the nappy is too tight, babies feel irritated and cry. Above all, you can see light red marks around their waist. This might not seem significant but after a couple of days, the marks can become more prominent and draft itching which will irritate your baby even further. SA, if you see any indication of irritation, it means you are going to need to look for a fitter nappy. 


5. Scent also matters 

Many times, we don’t notice it but when it comes to smell, something that you might feel smells good would not for the baby. It is always better to choose odor-free nappies that don’t unnecessarily irritate your little one. Biodegradable nappies by some trusted brands are odorless and very. 


At the end of the day, it is just not about a nappy fitting your baby but more than that. Considering the weight and age of your baby when choosing a nappy is just the beginning, you also have to be extra cautious in making sure the nappy is not very tight and aspect like odor-free smell is covered. Organic or not, you can go about buying a couple of different options of nappies and trying them on your little one before finally realizing which is the best. Comfort also matters and sometimes even the most fitting nappies are not the most comfortable for your baby. Be cautious and don’t scare away from experimenting with new and trusted brands. All the best. 


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