Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Forklift Operators

In a company, the safety of forklift operators and pedestrians is very important not only for the safety of people, but also for the products, and for that we have some tips.

Five Safety Tips for Pedestrians in Forklift Locations:

Use marked pedestrian routes: Pedestrian routes are mandatory for traffic and must be adhered to to prevent pedestrians being run over.

Stop, Look and Listen for Traffic: Always watch for the movement of vehicles and look both ways when crossing intersections.

Follow the rules defined by the work safety department: each company has procedures for the circulation of pedestrians and forklifts.

Know that a forklift takes a certain amount of time to stop: Forklifts are not designed to stop suddenly. Rather, they are designed to minimize damage to the load and to maintain stability. Be careful.

Do not be near operating forklifts: Keep a safe distance so that you are not at risk of being run over and crushed.

Five Safety Tips for Forklift Operators.

  • Be alert to possible interactions and encounters with pedestrians: In this case, follow the rules defined by the safety department.
  • Never drive near pedestrians: If there is not enough room to proceed, warn pedestrians, and ask them to back off.
  • Look in the direction of travel: If you do not have a clear view, do not move the forklift.
  • Isolate the area where you make a specific move: Alert pedestrians and other forklift operators.
  • Enter and exit corridors slowly: Drive carefully and use alarms when entering and exiting warehouse corridors.
  • These are some tips to maintain safety and to prevent accidents and product damage.

Blue Spotlight Anti-Collision Lighthouse

In warehouses where there is movement of forklifts and pedestrians, the potential for accidents is evident. Whether in corridors, intersections, or forklift maneuvers, the risk of collision and being run over is increased due to the excessive stress and noise of the operation, which drastically increases the risks. The Blue Spotlight Anti-Collision Lighthouse alerts pedestrians to the approach of vehicles in the logistics operation, preventing serious accidents with risks to the health of the employee and damage to the company. Ideal for locations with blind spots in operation. Consult here for forklift repair

Side Alert System

The Side Alert System acts as a warning to pedestrians regarding the safe distance they can approach the forklifts. This system projects a large beam of red light on the floor and allows pedestrians to more safely identify how to travel close to industrial vehicles, in order to eliminate accidents.

The Side Alert System must be applied on forklifts, electric tugs, lift platform, or any other industrial equipment in an area where there is a high flow of machinery and vulnerable pedestrians.

To learn more about the systems that provide more security for small, medium and large companies

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