Rotimatic- A Defining Product Of Our Generation

The lifestyle of the new generation has changed. People do not exercise or perform a lot of physical activities. Spending hours sitting on our desks staring at a computer screen can have many negative impacts on your health. To begin with, people stuck in office cubicles often gain weight. Maintaining their blood glucose level or blood cholesterol level becomes difficult as well. This is why it is important for people to follow a healthy diet that supports their lifestyle.

Eating chapatis every day is often considered a healthy habit and recommended by doctors when the person needs to lose weight or control the blood glucose level. However, making chapatis is not a piece of cake. You have to put in a lot of time and effort into making chapatis, which is why it is not possible for many people to include chapatis in their diet. Although many traditional roti makers are available in the market, they are actually quite inefficient as you have to knead the dough anyway. To change your roti making experience into a pleasant experience, consider investing in the Rotimatic. This next-gen machine is used in more than 20 countries and the Rotimatic reviews received from the users are very positive. Mentioned below are a few points that make the Rotimatic a defining product for this generation:

Does not require supervision

You may stay busy performing your day-to-day chores and not get enough time for making chapatis. At a time like this, buying a traditional roti maker will not be useful as you will have to mix the ingredients and knead the dough anyway. Unlike traditional roti makers, the Rotimatic is fully automatic and does not require your supervision. You just have to top up the ingredients to the storage containers for flour water and oil. Tell the machine how many rotis you want to be made, what is your preference of roti thickness and roasting level and that’s it. The machine will take nearly 6 to 7 seven minutes to warm up. After finishing the first chapati, it takes less than  2 minutes to complete each chapati. During this time, you do not even have to remain present in the kitchen. In case you have to check the status of the machine or want to give a different command, you can always access it via the App using Wifi too. Hence, it is the ideal product for this fast generation.

Helps you to stay healthy

Staying healthy can be a challenge for this generation as people do not exercise and follow a healthy diet. It is designed to use only a few drops of oil while making chapatis. In any case one or two drops of oil is actually makes the rotis better by dropping the glycemic index. According to many Rotimatic reviews, it helps to ensure a healthy diet.

Besides, I can put whatever flour I like, making it as nutritious as I would like them to be.

Zero Wastage

Unnecessary wastage should always be prevented. The Rotimatic robotic roti maker is designed to use only the amounts of the ingredients required for making the chapatis one chapati at a time, so if you want 1 roti or 100 rotis, rotimatic makes it one at a time. This means it does not waste food.

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