Recipes to Make Your Popcorn Delicious

Popcorn is the best companion if you are watching a movie or hanging out with your friends. The air popped. Popcorn is low in sugar, fat, and calories and filled with fiber and other essential nutrients. You should always choose healthy popcorn recipes so that you can take all the health benefits of eating Popcorn. People think that Popcorn won’t taste good without adding too much butter or salt, which is not true. For making healthy and delicious Popcorn, all you need is a good popcorn recipe. There are numerous ways to add flavor to the Popcorn and still take advantage of its health benefits.

Pumpkin spice kettle corn

Kettle corn offers a sweet and Savory taste, and that’s why people love it, but it is often loaded with too many calories. You can use this recipe as an alternative to the kettle corn recipe. Here you need to use coconut oil instead of butter and some warming spices. These ingredients will help you to lose some weight as well as have a good impact on your hearts and also reduce inflammation and appetite. If you are searching for the best popcorn recipe, then give it a try.

Chocolate Protein popcorn

Good quality chocolate can help you lose weight when eaten in the right way. Consuming dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa can reduce cravings as well as the fat in the body. You can take the dark chocolate in a pan melt it down, and pour it on over the freshly popped Popcorn. In this way, you will get an explosion of sweetness. Additionally, you can add some protein powder on top of it to increase the health benefits.

Banana bread popcorn

Here you will get the Popcorn that tastes like banana bread. To make this, you will need to make your own banana chips by baking 1/8 inch slice of 2-3 ripe bananas and brushing lemon juice at 225 degrees for 3 hours. This is the best way to avoid added sugar and oils from the Popcorn. If you are searching for healthy popcorn recipes, then you should definitely try this out. You can so add some walnuts and let this snack fill your stomach.

Chili lime popcorn

Are you are a fan of spicy food, and add some spiciness to your Popcorn? Then you can try adding some chili pepper to the Popcorn. Chili pepper is a very powerful spice that can even clear sinus inflammation boost your metabolism and reduce blood pressure as well. Additionally, it offers weight loss qualities because it offers a metabolic boost. When combined with lime, it will give an extra tangy flavor to your taste buds.

Honey popcorn balls

If you have a sweet tooth and you love Popcorn, then this recipe is definitely for you. There are many healthy popcorn recipes, but this one will surely satisfy your taste buds. Here you will get natural sweetness without the refined sugar, and the sweetness may be high, but you will get many health benefits of raw honey as well. Honey increases the health-heading bacteria in the body and also kills pathogens found in humans, and reduces inflammation.

Trail mix Popcorn

It is not always easy to prepare a healthy snack, but this is a way to do that. This easy-to-make Popcorn will give you all the additional health benefits and nutritional benefits as well. Here the added protein-filled nuts and seeds and High fiber oats with chocolate, honey, and cranberries will make a rich flavor without creating harmful effects.

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