Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices

Many of the people that will read this article may have never heard of the use of magnetic fields, electricity and or frequencies as a way to treat and heal the human body. However, there are many devices available on the market today that claim to do just that. Does this type of technology fall into what would be accepted as the ‘standard of care in treating disease?

Let’s try to answer the above question, and frame it in a way that will make sense. Most of the medicine that is practiced today is essentially one-dimensional. The practice of ‘mainstream’ allopathic medicine revolves around the reductionist pharmaceutical view of what causes disease, and how it should be treated. This thought process has led to a very myopic viewpoint of how to cure an illness. If this industry can’t make billions of dollars from a patented drug or other treatment protocol, there is virtually less than zero interest in pursuing it as a treatment. This means that some well-researched cures are less likely to become ‘mainstream’ accepted treatments, mostly because of an inability or willingness to jump through all of the political and monetary hoops.

With that said, this creates a dichotomy as far as some healing professionals are concerned. Are there already treatment modalities out there that lead to cures that have been shown anecdotally and in preliminary studies to work? There certainly are… but they don’t get any traction because of the way many of these modalities are being offered to the public, and due to the fact that they don’t meet what is considered to be a part of the established ‘standard of care’ set forth by allopathic medical organizations such as the AMA. Doctors are actually at risk if they try to treat individuals with modalities that have been shown to work in the field, in some cases for decades.

For example, the field of electromedicine and its use of Pulsed Magnetic Electrical Fields (PEMF) is one such modality that has shown great promise in helping the body to heal. There are hundreds of studies that show the benefits that this modality offers, and it is irresponsible that the medical profession has not pursued this avenue more aggressively. One reason for this is that it isn’t a drug and patentable, however, the more obvious reason is that if you actually cure someone of a disease, then you can’t make any more money off of their pain and suffering in the future.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) for Cell Damage and Repair: How PEMFs Promote Longevity and Reduce the Rate of Aging

At the cellular level, aging is a process of decreased ability and effectiveness to repair cellular damage. With aging, there is cumulative cell damage, unrepaired or poorly repaired, natural or unnatural. This is “death by 1000 cuts”. Cell damage occurs when:
• cells can no longer adapt to stress,
• have irreversible exposure to harmful substances or
• You suffer from intrinsic abnormalities, either genetic or nutrient-based.

Cell damage can progress from milder reversible states to more severe irreversible conditions leading to tissue and/or organ failure to varying degrees and ultimately senescent, apoptotic, or necrotic cell death.

Promoting longevity requires the intervention of the underlying causal conditions of cell damage when possible and facilitating cell repair and repair in the early stages of cell damage.

In the stages of reversible injury there are:
• reduction of oxidative phosphorylation with depletion of ATP,
• cellular edema caused by changes in ion and water currents,
• mitochondrial and cytoskeletal changes and
• DNA damage.

Aging can be delayed or reversed through ongoing health maintenance, including mitigation of known causal conditions, as well as proactive use of low-intensity, low-frequency (LI / ELF) PEMFs.
PEMF LI / ELF improves the rate of aging by reducing and/or reversing various degrees of cell damage.

LI / ELF PEMFs are known to move uninhibited through the body, inducing load on cells and tissues, influencing biochemical and physiological processes to reduce cell damage and thus aging.

PEMFs enhance several physiological processes, including:
• nitric oxide production,
• reduction of pain and inflammation,
• improve blood circulation,
• enhance cell membrane function and metabolism, communication and replication, and growth and repair.

pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices enhance biochemical activity at the cellular level and allow nutrients and other life-prolonging chemicals in the body to migrate more freely to be more functionally useful.

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