Premium Aquatic's External Refugium

If you’re having problems with your corals, you’re probably considering setting up an external refugium. These enclosures are great for raising fish and bacteria. A protein skimmer is one way to create an external refugium. You can also add algae and sand to the tank. A protein skimmer is also an effective option for a home aquarium. If you don’t want to spend much on the external refugium, you can use an old entertainment unit.

A 20 litre square tank can be used as an external refugium. To use this as an aquarium, you should install a bulkhead and connect it to the sump. For additional protection, you can also install a nitrate sponge to remove nitrates. If you choose an external refugium with a nutrient sponge, you’ll have to use a pipe connector to connect the two parts.

Aside from the sump, an external refugium is an excellent choice for a home aquarium. Its low-medium light needs will be met by the artificial lighting system. It features a contemporary ultra-slim LED fixture that allows the tank water to flow through it. The best option for a small aquarium is the AquaFuge2 External Hang On Back Refugium, which has a capacity of 2.5 gallons and a 7-watt LED light.

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