Peter Eckenrode is Serving the Drug and Alcohol Addictio

Peter Eckenrode is a substance abuse counselor who is currently servicing Lancaster, Pennsylvania and its surrounding areas. He is studying social sciences and human services at the Harrisburg Area Community College with aspirations to become a licensed Social Worker.

Peter has multiple years of experience as a drug and alcohol counselor. “As a recovering addict myself, I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others find the success that I have,” he states. “I believe that every human has a story to tell, and that their story can give them the courage to change.” Peter Eckenrode fundamentally values the idea that all humans deserve a second chance and approaches his counseling with empathy and compassion.

“I know what it’s like,” Peter says when asked why he has chosen to pursue social work and counseling. “The opioid epidemic has been ripping through my hometown like the plague.” Peter Eckenrode understands that addiction is a disease rather than a choice. “It’s partly a product of circumstance,” states Peter. “You have to understand how it affects people. You have to understand that everyone experiences this differently and there are tons of emotions involved. A lot of the people that I work with never learned how to process emotions in a healthy way, which is part of the reason people fall into addiction in the first place.”

Peter Eckenrode has been working tireless hours to help his community, whether it’s helping teach people how to combat emotional triggers, or helping people learn how to physically care for themselves. “I teach people how to control their urges in the healthiest way I can,” says Peter when asked about his methodology. “Exercise is one of the things that helped me the most and now I run almost every day. I tend to go on a lot of walks with the people I work with. We loosen up, talk about everything, and it helps them understand that walking is one of the easiest things you can do to take care of yourself.” 

“It’s not easy, but my work is incredibly rewarding.” Peter is devoting his time in school and at the counseling center to becoming the best drug and alcohol addiction counselor that he can possibly be. “I’m in school because I want to become a licensed social worker,” says Peter. “Becoming a licensed social worker will help extend my reach to more people in my community who need help. I’m learning how to stage successful interventions so I can start helping families who want to pull their loved ones out of addiction.”

Peter Eckenrode’s story and work emanate passion, experience, and drive for eradicating the opioid and addiction epidemics in Pennsylvania. 

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Address: 330 E Main St, Mount Joy, PA 17552


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