Optimize Software & Hardware Assets Across Campus with LabStats

Feb 27, 2024 - 17:42
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Optimize Software & Hardware Assets Across Campus with LabStats

LabStats is an IT asset monitoring and management tool that tracks hardware and software usage for higher education institutions. This market-leading software allows you to deploy software and hardware resources strategically and assign the right IT budget without wastage and overspends. 

LabStats helps you to identify resources that aren't used optimally, or not being used at all. By cutting down on unnecessary software and redeploying hardware to high-usage areas, colleges can better meet the demands of students. 

What can you do with LabStats?

Universities need to purchase software to provide learning resources to their students. They pay for various software and install them across campus. However, poor management or lack of communication may lead to over-deployment. This leads to unused software for which you have heavily paid. 

LabStats gives you real-time data which helps you to optimize usage without sacrificing the needs of your students. Here are some top features of LabStats:

·        Dynamic Student Access

LabStats displays live availability of hardware and software across campus and gives remote access to students.

·        Real-time Insights

Track usage for hardware and software across campus and allocate resources to meet student needs better. 

·        Comprehensive Data Access

Get direct access to chunks of live and historical data that lets you analyze at scale and helps you make informed decisions. 

Schedule a Walk-through

Thousands of colleges and universities across the world trust LabStats to make informed decisions.  

Join them today and optimize resource allocation for student success. Call +1-208-473-2222 or send an email to support@labstats.com to schedule a walkthrough today.  

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