On Car Batteries And Making Them Function Efficiently

Many people do not understand or ignore a car battery’s immense importance. Like any other car component, its battery also plays a vital role in keeping the car running efficiently. It sends energy to the ignition system, provides electricity to the different accessories in a vehicle, and regulates its voltage. 

It is essential for the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of a car and supports the cause of a hassle-free driving experience for the driver and people onboard a car. A battery could last between three to five years, but it may die early if not maintained well, is exposed to harsh weather conditions, and the quality of driving is bad. Please continue reading as we explore the different aspects of car batteries and find ways to keep them functioning efficiently. 

Warning signs of a bad battery

The sign/s mentioned below may not always mean there’s a problem with the battery, but there is a good chance they are. So, if you could spot them and see noticeable differences in the car’s health condition, it is essential to take your car to a trained professional and get it fixed. And an issue with the battery may not mean that it will need an immediate replacement. The technician will identify the cause of an issue and recommend a replacement if needed. 

Please find below some of the common signs that hint of a probably dead battery

  • Are your vehicle’s headlights not working properly? Are they not as bright as they should be? This may be a sign of a failing battery. A dim headlight could mean that they are not receiving enough power from the battery to work usually and bright. 

  • Other than headlights, batteries also supply necessary power to other electrical components in a vehicle, including power windows, radio, windshield wipers, dashboard lights etc. If they are malfunctioning, it is probably a sign of something wrong with the battery. 

  • Do you hear a clicking noise at the time of starting the car? It may also be an indicator of an issue with the electrical system. A dying battery could cause it, or there is an issue with the alternator that charges the battery. While jumpstarting may be a solution, it will only start the car temporarily and will not provide a long-term fix. Consult with an expert to fix the issue. 

  • Another possible reason a battery may be dying is its age. A car battery may last between three to five years. But as mentioned above, factors like driving conditions, road conditions and weather conditions can decrease its lifespan before the projected time. 

  • Loose battery terminals, a swollen battery case etc. could also be signs of battery damage. 

The above are just some of the common signs that communicate the dying stage of a battery. Suppose you could spot the issues or just anything else that is not normal and affecting the quality of driving. In that case, it is essential to take your car to a qualified and trained professional technician and get the issue fixed. When nothing else works, a technician may recommend a replacement of the battery. 

How to keep a car battery in good condition?

There are several essential factors that decide the fate of a car battery. Given below are a few ways to keep them in good condition. 

  • Idle cars will cause the battery to die quickly. If you are not driving frequently and keeping it idle for an extended period, its battery may drain soon, leading to a situation when it would need to be replaced entirely. A car should not be kept idle and should be started and driven at regular intervals to avoid this. 

  • Suppose you leave your car’s lights and music system on and its chargers plugged in without a reason. In that case, it will drain a significant amount of battery power leading to a battery that will be needing replacement much before its projected lifespan. So, always use car power wisely and do not drain your battery unnecessarily. 

  • Steady accumulation of dirt and debris could degrade the performance of a battery, and its terminals could corrode over time.

  • Make sure that the battery is adequately fastened. If you regularly drive on bumpy roads, ensure that the positioning of the battery is not altered. 

Get the best automotive battery

These are just some ways to ensure the good health of a car battery. When buying a car battery, always consider buying from an established brand. A branded product should come with great features and specifications, excellent service and a warranty. Livguard – a trusted name in the industry – offers a complete range of the best automotive battery products that deliver years of dependable service! 

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Written by Tannu Bhatiya