Netgear EAX18 Setup | AX1750

The Netgear EAX18 Setup, an AX1750 Wi-Fi range extender, is very easy to set up. Connect it to the network, plug it in, and use a web browser to get to the setup page

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Netgear EAX18 Setup | AX1750
Netgear EAX18 Setup | AX1750

The Netgear EAX18 Setup, an AX1750 Wi-Fi range extender, is very easy to set up. Connect it to the network, plug it in, and use a web browser to get to the setup page. To set it up using the specifics of your current Wi-Fi network, follow the on-screen directions. After it's finished, make the most of increased Wi-Fi coverage that will keep all of your devices reliably connected throughout your room.

Useful features of Netgear EAX18 Setup

  • The EAX18 features OneMesh technology that allows it to easily connect with routers.

  • that are compatible and form a single, unified Wi-Fi network. 

  • This ensures consistency for the whole house.

  • Smart Roaming: As you stroll all over your house.

  • your devices are able to link to the Wi-Fi signal that is strongest. 

  • This feature makes sure that your connection doesn't break all over the transfer.

  • The EAX18 has a Gigabit Ethernet port you may use to connect wired devices 

  • The Netgear Nighthawk app allows you to set up and control your EAX18.

  • For regulating devices, updating firmware, 

  • Keeping tabs on your network, the app provides a simple interface

Netgear EAX18 Extender Setup Manual Method

  1. Click on the Netgear EAX18, create an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, and use setup or in your browser to view the setup page.

  2. Use the default login information, which is often admin for both the username and password.

  3. Configure the Wi-Fi settings by following the setup guide.

  4. Choose the Wi-Fi network you currently use and type in the password.

  5. If required, modify the extender's parameters and save them.

  6. Reconnect your device to the increased Wi-Fi network after the extender has restarted.

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Netgear EAX18 AX1750 Extender Setup WPS Method

  1. Click the WPS button on the Netgear EAX18 after plugging it in.

  2. Hit the WPS button for two minutes.

  3. Wait off until the extender's WPS LED solid white, confirming a successful connection.

  4. For best coverage, move the extender to the center.

  5. Join the expanded Wi-Fi network with your devices.

  6. To make any other setup changes, go to or to access the extender settings.

Common issue for Netgear EAX18 Setup

  • Put your EAX18 in the middle, between the router and the region that needs better Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Wait for your EAX18 to start up after putting it into an electrical outlet. 

  • When it's prepared, the power LED ought to light.

  • To attach your EAX18 to your router, use an Ethernet wire. 

  • Use the side switch to turn your EAX18 into AP mode if it has been used as an access point.

  • To access the EAX18's settings, use a web browser or the To complete the setup

  • adhere to the steps that are shown on screen.

  • Check the network name (SSID) and password you enter during setup match.

Trobleshooting tips for Netgear EAX18 Extender

  1.  Turn off and wait one minute then switch on your EAX18 once. 

  2. A lot of connectivity issues can be fixed with a single straightforward action.

  3. Ensure that the extender fits inside the Wi-Fi signal range of your router.

  4. Stay away from other electronic devices'

  5. interference and obstacles.

  6. Verify that all cables, including the Ethernet cable linking your 

  7. router to the extender, are securely in place.

  8. Try setting the extender to its normal factory settings.

  9. it's still not functioning properly. 

  10. Generally, you may press and hold the reset button for a brief period of time.

  11. Go to the Netgear support page to check for firmware upgrades for your EAX18.

  12. Performance can be improved and issues addressed by updating to the latest firmware.

How To Login Netgear EAX18 Extender ?

  1. In a web browser, type or login after connecting to the EAX18 network over Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

  2. Make use of the default credentials to log in.

  3. Get into the Netgear EAX18 configuration screen.

  4. When required, change the extender's settings.

  5. If you make any changes, save them, then close the interface.

  6. A reliable connection to the expanded Wi-Fi network should be created.

  7. Open a web browser on your connected device, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Google Chrome.

  8. Enter the default IP address for Netgear extenders.

  9. typically or, in the address package of your web browser and hit Enter.

  10.  You should now be sent to the Netgear EAX18 Extender login page. 

  11. Enter the password and username that are default. The password is "password" (without the quote marks) and the username is often 

  12. These values can vary based on the model and configuration of your extension.

  13.  When your login credentials are valid.

  14. you should be ready to access your EAX18 Extender's settings on the screen. From

How To Update Firmware Netgear AX1750 EAX18 Extender  ?

  1. After creating a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection with the EAX18, use a browser to navigate to its settings page by typing in mywifiext net setup or

  2. Enter username and password to log in.

  3. Go to the Maintenance or Settings area.

  4. Choose Firmware Update and then press or touch Check for Updates.

  5. Follow the on the screen instructions if an update is available.

  6. To apply the updates, restart the extender after the upgrade.

Netgear AX1750 EAX18 Reset Process 

  1. Find the EAX18's reset button, which can be found on the side or bottom.

  2. Hold down the reset button with a paperclip or other such device for approximately ten seconds.

  3. After the power LED blinks, release the reset button.

  4. A reboot of the EAX18 will indicate that the reset is finished.

  5. After the reset process, adjust the extender's settings as required.


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