Myths & Facts About Vitiligo

Jun 11, 2024 - 17:56
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Myths & Facts About Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disorder defined by patchy depigmentation (loss of skin colour). Vitiligo prevalence in India ranges from 0.25% to 4% among dermatology patients, with higher rates in Gujarat and Rajasthan, where it can reach 8.8% [depecited in a study by NCBI]. Corrective assumptions regarding the condition must be dispelled to change people's negative perceptions of vitiligo. We'll also learn where to obtain the Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi. Choosing the correct professional from such a long list is a daunting undertaking.  

Myths & Facts About Vitiligo

MYTH: People with vitiligo are born with patchy, uneven skin because their parents are of mixed race.

FACT: Vitiligo is unrelated to the parents' ethnicity, and most persons with it have skin pigmentation from birth. Vitiligo is a progressive medical illness that typically manifests as discoloured patches in young people under the age of 20, though it can sometimes occur later in life.

MYTH: Vitiligo is induced by sun exposure.

FACT: Vitiligo, a disorder characterized by white spots on the skin, can be confused with sunburn. But rather than on the skin's surface, the immune system targets and eliminates pigments below the skin to induce vitiligo. 

MYTH: Vitiligo is Spreading.

FACT: Vitiligo is not an infection; rather, it is a skin ailment. It is, therefore, not at all contagious.

MYTH: It only affects visible skin, such as hands and faces.

FACT: Pale patches of vitiligo are more common in sections of the skin that are exposed to the sun. It includes the face, hands, feet, arms, and lips. Moreover, these patches are also common in places of the skin that are typically covered, such as the groins, navel, armpits, genitalia, and rectal regions.

MYTH: Curing vitiligo is possible.

FACT: Although there are creams and various therapies, such as UV light therapy, skin surgery, and cellular transplants, to control or slow down the spread of vitiligo patches, there is still no known cure for the disorder.

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