Music And Dance Classes For Toddlers Singapore

Our dance classes in collaboration with local social enterprises and distinctive creative arts provide a safe space for your little ones to learn the perfect moves.


As one of the most popular Music and dance classes for toddlers singapore, Maddspace offers a wide variety of music courses for children of all ages. The infant class teaches playing from the age of 4 if your child wants to go to a class to learn a musical instrument. The maddspace, is aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 5, and the piano class at children between the ages of 4 and 6.


There are some schools that specialize in early childhood education for children up to 6 years of age, such as children’s music and our music studio. There are also music schools that offer a wide range of lessons for children and adults, as well as courses for toddlers. To benefit from this, you do not need to look for a school until your child reaches a suitable age to pick an instrument.


Maddspace Music School has 5 outlets in Singapore with a music program for children aged 3.5-5 years, which teaches piano and violin. Classes follow a timetable that includes original, traditional and age-appropriate music and songs.


With this course you can dance to the music with your little baby, even if you have no previous ballet experience. The course is designed to improve the core technique and styling of the children, paying attention to the details that are important to strengthen their skills and confidence on the dance floor. During the 60-minute lesson, your child will enjoy playing his or her favorite instrument with other children in the group, while developing social skills and concentration.


In this music lesson for toddlers, lessons start with a hello song to help children get used to it, and as soon as they have the idea, music lessons begin and end with a farewell song to develop social skills and appreciation. Dancing for young children (2 1 / 2 – 3 years) – As a precursor to ballet children develop their motor skills, sense of rhythm and musicality by dancing to well-known children’s songs. 


Enjoy a fusion of classical dance forms with trendy moves from hip-hop, latin and jazz. Your child will take part in an energetic activity filled with music, dance and a small puppet show. Expect dance tires, bubbles and of course lots of music and movement to develop the physical and cognitive abilities of your babies.


For children aged 5-6 there is a one-year ballet course for primary school children, and at the end of the CCMS there is the Dance Me Level 2 Assessment course and the performance day. For children under 7 years of age, they will be able to learn a perfect ballet technique, which is not only necessary for professional dance, but also beneficial for the overall body and coordination of the human body. Sport4Kidz offers 1 hour multi-sport courses for children between 2-3 years and 30 classes focusing on a single sport such as cricket, rugby and football.


Watch your child grow in style and confidence while mastering the basics of hip-hop dance. The trendy K-Pop choreography is conveyed to children at a leisurely pace.


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