Each country has priority areas in medicine in which it surpasses other states. The Republic of Turkey attracts foreign patients in need of plastic surgery. Patients all over the world only like Turkey for this kind of plastic surgery..

Also, it should be noted that the cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is significantly lower than in Germany or Israel.

Milano Clinic Turkey is performed with the most advanced technology and achieved 100% successful results.


Liposuction is a special procedure that aims to remove excess fat in the body. Normally, the adult human body has a fixed number of fat cells, but their volume increases with weight gain. These weights that cannot be given naturally are reduced by the liposuction method. Thus, it is possible to get rid of the annoying oils with liposuction in Turkey!



Liposuction prices vary by patient. In some patients, the amount of fat to be taken is very high, while in others it is very low. The demands of the patients and the experience of the doctors are among the factors affecting the liposuction prices. You can get more information about the liposuction prices by contacting us through our numbers; if you wish, you can make an extensive interview with our doctors by requesting an appointment.



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