Learn Video Editing with Online Video Editing Courses

Learn Video Editing with Online Video Editing Courses


Passionate about video editing? Want to learn video editing from home? Want to make a career in video editing? Wanna be a professional in video editing?


Yeah! So, if your answer to every question is yes then this post would be proven right for you. Yes! Today in this post I am sharing some Best online video editing courses to learn video editing.


Of course, it is very difficult to you to choose the right course of video editing with the perfect resources. There are so many platforms available to provide an online video editing course but choosing the best one is critical

when your aim is to learn and gain knowledge and your needs will depend on your preferred software, budget, and learning style, rather than just to get a certificate.


So, today I will help you to choose the right online video editing courses. These online courses will teach you all you need to know without leaving your beloved house.


Here is the list Of some of the best video editing courses to learn online.


1. Larry Jordan


Want to learn with someone who has a great reputation in the industry? Larry Jordan is an award-winning producer, editor, teacher, director, and trainer who has worked for our television for the last 5 decades. In 2003 he

launched a website offering online courses payslip to enable editors, producers, and directors to learn more about the developed technology of media. Jordan’s lessons Explain the fundamentals by using the real-world



Software covered in online video editing courses includes Adobe tools (media encoder after effect audition premiere Pro Photoshop )and Apple tools (final cut pro x motion compressor), explainer video tools.


Pros- expert insights, industry-focused.


Cons- 3 month minimum subscription, can't download videos.


2. Inside the edit


If you are already working as a video editor or close to getting your first job but you want to need some more training that goes beyond the basics and get into the nitty-gritty of what’s really needed in the real world of video

editing? Then inside the edit is best for you.


Inside the edit doesn't teach you any individual software skills as it describes itself as the world’s first creative editing course. So, it is not suitable for beginners but it is very good for the ones who is already

working as an editor. So, it is very great to reach the next level in your career. This course provides you 35 hours of real-world rushes to practice on plus, 2000 news extracts to school with and offers the lessons on the

secondary skills needed by video editors as psychologist diplomats and social chameleons.


Pros- Unique angle creative focus


Cons- Percentage software can't download videos.


3. Video editing courses with udemy


Udemy is one of the great online learning platforms aimed at digital professionals containing more than 80000 courses in total. It includes 100 online video editing courses covering tools including final cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro premiere Pro Da Vinci resolve. Udemy makes you master a particular tool in which you paid. It is best for beginners but it is always worth reading the customer reviews first before you commit yourself. Udemy provides the best whiteboard animation coures.


Pros- It allows you to download its video for offline viewing, via it's mobile



It is cheap. No need to take a subscription, you just pay for the individual

courses you take


Cons- Variable quality.


Some courses are quite short.


4. Coursera


Coursera provides a small number of online media writing courses but the funds it does have earth super useful for specific purposes. They offer to create a professional video by using Google ads, canvas for beginners which are both highly rated but our favorite is the hugely popular marketing final cut Pro. Coursera provides you with a 40 hours course and everything you need to know to use Apple software.






Cons-a little bit dry


5. Learn video editing with plural sight


It provides training, how to use Adobe video editing software including after-effects Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Plural sight gives you a number of online editing courses. It is for all beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The Photoshop CC video editing course taught by Ana Mouyis for example covers how to edit video, basic motion graphics composite, etc. After learning of this course, you should be comfortable with a video editing workflow in the skills you need to start on your own projects.

One of the great features of plural sight are " learning checks" which are short

quizzes to help you check you are understanding the material correctly or



Pros- Videos can be downloaded.

Learning checks keep you on track.

Cons- little use for nonadobe software

Some courses are quite short.

So, these are some of the popular courses you can choose to learn better

about video editing.

Best of luck.

What do you think?

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