Kaziranga Package Tour in a mystic winter holidays

The National Parks of India are something that has always attracted a lot of tourists and adventure lovers from India and across globe due to its greenery, abundant natural beauty, exotic wildlife and the adventure activities like elephant safari & jeep safari. Like that Kaziranga National Park is one of the best and well reserved national parks in India best known for its distinctive bio diversity. Kaziranga is located in the state of Assam, at the banks of the mighty river of Brahmaputra. This park is just about 250km away from Guwahati and the landscape here is picture perfect as well as peaceful to witness and explore. Far away from the hustle & bustle of madly city life, this Evergreen Park gives the tourists a wonderful background with the river Brahmaputra which makes the Kaziranga Package Tour worth it with Kaziranga Elephant Safari and Kaziranga Jeep Safari. This popular National Park is best known for Asiatic One-horned Rhino, an endangered species in the world where about 2/3rd of the remaining found in this Park. This species of rhinos is an endangered species because it is hunted and poached for their horns which are believed to have medicinal value in foreign countries especially in China.

Kaziranga National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best places among all national parks in India to explore during winter holidays. Exploring this park on elephant back or with open hood jeep will make one feel so much closer to nature and makes the whole Kaziranga Tour Package from Guwahati memorable. The absolute peace and serenity of the endless park except the chirping of birds which breaks the silence please the heart and soul of every adventure lovers with absolute joy. With almost 480 species of birds, wild elephants, tigers, gaurs, wild boars and deer, the visitors also can experience many tea estates, kiwi orchards, handicraft souvenir shop which is also a delight to look at. In the evening, a traditional dance performance of local dancers with different instruments depicts the folk culture of Assam.

Different Zones at the Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is divided into 3 different zones, each falls in a different district. The zones are Central Zone, Western Zone and Eastern Zone. Travellers mostly preferred the Central Zone and Western Zones for safaris and spotting the wild animals, while they preferred the Eastern Zone for bird watching as it has many species of birds all around.

The Central Range (Kohora Range)

The Central zone of the Kaziranga National Park is the prime zone for the ecotourism in the Kaziranga forest. The entry gate to the central zone is situated just about two km from the National Highway passing through the village of Kohora.

You can enjoy both like Kaziranga Elephant Safari Package Tour and Kaziranga Jeep Safari in this range but this range is best for Jeep Safari. The Jeep safari in the central zone of Kaziranga National Park is organized in the two shifts. You are not allowed to get down from the Jeep Safari in Kaziranga or Elephant Safari in Kaziranga in between your forest safari. The Jeep safari offers you some spectacular sighting of the Rhinos grazing or wallowing in the large grassland, a herd of elephants with having the adorable baby elephants to big old elephants in the herd, and many other species of the wild flora and fauna of this tourism zone.

Western Range (Bagori Range)

The landscape of the Bagori ecotourism range of the Kaziranga National Park spreads in the western region of the forest and considered the best zone for the wildlife sighting. People can enjoy Elephant and Jeep Safari both in this range. But this range is best for Elephant Safari because Elephant can give you a better view of One-horned Rhinos & other wildlife. The zone has the magnificently beautiful landscape with an abundance of wildlife species and lush greenery. The entry gate of the Western zone is located in the village of Bagori. The western range in Kaziranga is famous for long grown trees and elephant can easily navigate through the long range of trees and small stream to reach very close to the home of famous One-Horne Rhinos.

Kaziranga Elephant Safari allows only four tourists and a mahaout at a time. The safari charges include riding charges, and entrance fee. Camera fee is optional and you need to pay if you are carrying. One has to be at the pick-up point through a jeep in order to take the elephant ride. You will return back in the similar way.

Eastern Range (Agartoli Range)

The Agartoli Range of the Kaziranga National Park spreads in the eastern side of the park along the National Highway nearby the Agartoli village. This zone is famous among the adventure-loving wildlife tourists and wildlife photographers as the zone is enriched with the raw natural beauty and wildlife species.

There is no elephant safari in this zone so you have to rely only on the Jeep safari to explore the eastern zone of the Kaziranga.

Burhapahaar Range or Ghorakati

The Burhapahaar tourism zone of Kaziranga is located around 30 km from the central zone of Kaziranga National Park. The entry gate of this zone is situated in the village of Ghorakati on the National Highway and the first zone on the way to Kaziranga from Guwahati by road.

In this zone you can avail the Kaziranga Jeep Safari to explore the park as well as trekking is also allowed in this zone. The Jeep safari starting point is the Rhinoland Park in the Ghorakati from where you can catch your Jeep Safari for this zone.

The hilly landscape with the dense greenery makes this zone the best for the bird lovers. The trekking in this zone has its own charm and is a very enriching experience to explore the forest at so close.

Types of Safaris at Kaziranga National Park:

The park gives experience of two types of safaris that is the jeep safari and the elephant safari. If you choose the Jeep Safari in Kaziranga, it will include a driver, a good guide and it can carry 4 passengers in one jeep through the jungle. This safari is takes almost 2 hours, and people find it more comfortable than an elephant safari for photography purpose. The Elephant Safari in Kaziranga allows only four tourists and a mahaout at a time. The safari charges include riding charges, and entrance fee. Camera fee is optional and you need to pay if you are carrying. One has to be at the pick-up point through a jeep in order to take the elephant ride. You will return back in the similar way

Things to do in Kaziranga National Park

Explore and take a Jeep Safari

Basically Kaziranga has three exits and entry points, which spans over four districts of the beautiful Assam. It has four zones which are there for the visit purpose and from where the famed mighty rhinoceros can spot as well. There is also an extremely adventurous Jeep ride, which tourists can take in the Kaziranga jungle safari. The Jeep safari gives the tourists extremely amazing experience to see the natural habitat.These exotic safari gives a close glimpse of the animals that have made Kaziranga their home naturally.

Watch the Sunset with the Wild

You can watch the sun go down which is a treat to one’s eyes and a must things to do during Kaziranga package tour and when you are watching it with the birds chirping in the amidst forest is a unique experience and a worth moment. The animals living in the park let out their night howl and everything seems perfect. Such a kind of experience makes the trip was authentic and special.

Ride an Elephant

Elephant safari is one of the extremely famous activity which has lots of tourists demand, tourists travel to Kaziranga for these safaris. This is a really enthralling way to explore the forest and drenched in the forest experience. The Safaris start from the Central Reserve, and it starts as early as 5:30 am during summers and 6:30 am during the winters.

What is the best time to visit Kaziranga National Park?

The best and perfect time to book a Kaziranga Tour Package from Guwahati is anytime between the months of Novembers to April. The climate is usually tropical and the summers are very hot, so prepare the trip accordingly that. Because of this the summer months are undeniable time to visit, and the park remains closed from the months of May to October. The monsoons are known as extremely terrible because of the river Brahmaputra overflows every year and make the place difficult for the tourists.

Dos and Don’ts to follow for Kaziranga Tour


1) Take a professional guide along with you for the Kaziranga Jungle safari which will help you in understanding the park and wildlife better.

2) Please wear full body covering clothes there are many types of insects and mosquitoes in the park and full body clothes will protect you from all these.

3) There is dust in the park, protect your expensive gadgets from that.

4) Choose jeep safari if you are going primarily mainly for photography.

5) Enjoy responsibly in the jungle and do not make the jungle dirty by throwing unnecessary things.


1) In the Kaziranga Jungle Safari respect wildlife and try to not disturb the animals in the park and enjoy the safari without hurting them.

2) Please do not shout in the excitement on spotting a wild animal, it may be dangerous for you.

3) Try to avoid playing loud music in the jeep safari.

4) Do not wear bright/fluorescent clothes in the safari.

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Written by Sandip Raha