K-pop Rizing Telant Soram

Apr 2, 2024 - 14:48
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K-pop Rizing Telant Soram

One of these rising talents is Soram. She's a great singer who works with Brave Entertainment and leads the girl band Candy Shop.

But who really is Soram, and why is she special in the world of Kpop Singers? Let's find out more about her.

Early Life Facts

Real Name

Soram's real name is Jung So-ram. She born in September 24, 2005. Her name shows her Korean roots and the importance of culture to her.

Where and When She Was Born

Soram was born in South Korea on September 24, 2005. She celebrates her birthday surrounded by Korean traditions and culture.

Her Blood Type

In Korea, people believe your blood type can tell something about your personality. Soram has blood type A, which some people think means she's organized, on time, and a good leader.

Soram's Music Career

Her Job and First Band

Soram became a singer when she joined the girl band Candy Shop on February 16, 2024.

How Long She's Been in Music and Who She Works With

Since Soram joined Candy Shop in 2024, she's been making music and performing. She works with Brave Entertainment, a company known for helping young talents become successful.

Soram's Band

How the Band Started

Soram's band, Candy Shop, had their first performance on March 27, 2024. They introduced themselves with their mini-album called Hashtag#. Since then, people have loved their music and shows.

Working with Brave Entertainment

Being with Brave Entertainment has helped Soram and her band grow and show their skills. The company has guided them and helped them become known in the music world.

Soram's Work in Videos

Besides her band, Soram has also been in other music videos. She was in a video called "All Yours" by DKB in 2023. This shows she can do different things as an artist.

Fun Facts about Soram

Her Personality

Soram's personality type is ISTP. This means she's more of a private person, pays attention to details, and can easily adjust to new situations. This makes her music and performances special and relatable.

What She Likes to Do

When Soram isn't working, she loves shopping for clothes, writing in her diary, and watching videos about food and series online. These things help her relax and take a break from her busy life.

Her Saying and Favorites

Soram believes in the saying, "If I achieve my dream, I become someone else's dream." This shows she wants to inspire others and make a difference. She also loves Korean food and making people smile, showing her fun and caring side.


Who is Soram?

Soram is a singer from South Korea who works with Brave Entertainment and leads the girl band Candy Shop.

When did Soram start with Candy Shop?

Soram started with Candy Shop on March 27, 2024, with their mini-album Hashtag#.

What's Soram's personality type?

Soram's personality type is ISTP.

What does Soram like to do in her free time?

Soram likes shopping, writing in her diary, and watching food and series videos online.

What's Soram's motto?

Soram's motto is, "If I achieve my dream, I become someone else's dream.

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