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Indica weed strain for sale – Bliss Wood. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. What will it take to empower your best life? Holistic Wellness Coaching, inspiration, and green lights!


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Empowering Your Life…


Holistic Wellness Coaching is similar to Life Coaching except that it addresses issues for and about your body, mind, and spirit. Your overall health and general well-being is the main focus.


If you want to be healthier, and you are committed to making some lifestyle and thought changes to get there, then a Holistic Wellness Coaching scan and session is for you.


Addressing movement, breath, food choices, thought choices, heart choices, and mo


Empowering Your Life…”Sometimes all you need to move forward is to

stop looking back.”

Bliss Wood

Rave Reviews


“ChantDance is heard not just by your ears, but by your heart, body and soul.”

Dez Stephens, founder Radiant Coaches Academy


“Even in a room full of people, Bliss’ techniques make me feel like I’m a thousand miles away from civilization. She’s taught me basic yoga practices that I find myself using any time I need to relax.”

Lindsay Hudson, WSMT-TV Reporter, Nashville, TN


“Bliss Wood is a magical Yoga teacher and this CD captures the essence of being in her classes. Her soothing voice gently guides you through simple poses into a state of deep relaxation and peace.”

Candy Paull, author of “The Art of Abundance”


“If everyone listened to ChantDance in traffic, there would be no road rage!”

Linda Nunn


Loved the CD. It is so easy to follow and Bliss’ voice is calm and soothing. An hour of slow gentle poses. I was actually surprised to find I could follow a spoken session, rather than a video/DVD version. Now, I think I prefer this type and hope Bliss Wood makes more of the same.

Barb ( from


“Below is an excerpt from an email I received from my friend diagnosed with breast cancer…


I cannot tell you how much the Bliss Wood book (Empowering Your Life with Yoga) has helped me deal with all of this. I have been reading and re-reading it every day. Tell her THANK YOU! for me!!!

Gail Dillard


“… I felt drawn to practice with your yoga C.D. It was such a healing experience for me. For the first time since my gardening ‘mishap’ I emerged from the hour absolutely pain free! Even more, I spent today in a very sweet comfortable place of that Deep Bliss we long for when we practice yoga. And it was so easy, so accessible, so loving. Bliss, you have truly created a masterpiece, and I am grateful for this wonderful gift. “


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