Important Factors in Selecting Cold Storage Manufacturers

The purpose of cold storage is to keep the temperature uniform and cool inside. It is a much-required commodity for any industry/business that produces, stores, and sells perishable items, for example, frozen food, vegetables, juice, fruits, medicines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and others. Since the temperature in various parts of India fluctuates at a fast pace, cold storage manufacturers are the best choice to be made. 

However, choosing one is not an easy task. Therefore, we came up with this guide. With its help, you can find suitable cold storage for you.

What Are The Features Of A Typical Cold Storage?

Cold storage is built for a specific purpose for various industrial uses. It is packed with several features. Hence some of the typical features that make it desirable are:

The best solution for frozen food supply

Keeps the temperature cool, ranging from -60 degrees to -10 degree

It comes in different measurements

Have larger capacity based on your requirement

Easy and quick installation

Offer multi-functional capacity to store various items

The sweep gasket provides an airtight seal

Packs with Cam Locks with perfectly aligned walls, ceilings, doors, corners and floors

Easy access -sliding door

 Key Factors For Suitable Cold Room Manufacturers In India

Are you ready to spend a handsome amount on cold storage? Well, suitable cold storage manufacturers in India can make a significant difference in your sales. Therefore, we will suggest you go through this guide so you can make the right decision.

Latest Technology 

When you are opting for cold storage manufacturers, ensure they have installed the latest technology. You can take advantage of new features and be able to get services quickly.

Size Aspect

Before buying random cold storage, understand the requirements of your industry. The size of the wall, floor, pile, ceiling, and other related aspects are crucial in deciding the perfect match for you. 

Start by measuring the capacity of a cold room, then the length and height of the cold room can be evaluated. For example, a wall with thick insulation is ideal for regular and deep-freezing. On the contrary, standard cool rooms are suitable for storing vegetables.

Temperature Range

The temperature will vary parallel to your operational prerequisites. That is what kind of stock you handle.

Broadly, it is categorized into three ranges: chiller, medium, and cooler.

Chiller:  For any item with a store below +4C, this cool room is perfect. Usually, the temperature ranges between +3C to +12C. It is ideal for storing a wide variety of food like mixed green items, cheddar, yogurt, milk, cream baked goods, pizza, sauces, and much more.

Medium: It is preferable for storing items that require a temperature between -3C to +4C. They are predominantly used for fish and meat.

Cooler: the temperature ranges from -16C to -22C. It is preferable to store solidified products like solidified meat, solidified fish, solidified vegetables, solidified burgers, solidified pasties, solidified chips, etc.

Quantity Of Food Delivery

Quantity is one important but neglected part. Being an industrialist, you should consider all these points.

Where will you keep the cold room?

How much space it will take.

The quantity of food or items you want to store.

If you opt for oversized or undersized cool storage, it will not help you in any way except making trouble for you.

Energy Efficiency

Cold storages occupy a considerable amount of energy to maintain the temperature. Hence the expense can reach up to countless numbers every month.

Factors that strongly impact energy efficiency include LED lighting, under-floor heaters, adjoining room temperature, and the design of the building.

Proximity, Access And Location

If you consider proximity, using a cold storage facility near your production can reduce fuel consumption, transportation costs, and carbon footprint.

If it is kept in a nearby area, it will streamline your daily operations. If you have a globalized reach, then keeping it inside the warehouse is the best choice.

Security Check 

Your major concerns should also include security. Ensure the cold storage provider you choose should be aware of its security concerns. They should have trained staff and have all required accessories available.


It is imperative to consider these points while making a purchase. We hope that you get suitable cold storage manufacturers.  If you are looking for trusted and nationwide available cold room manufacturers, connect with us. Give us a chance to showcase our services, and we guarantee you the best deal received ever.

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