How To Shop For Sex Toys – A Buying Guide

Do sex toys help in the bedroom? My answer is YES!!!! Enjoy shopping!!!

If you purchase a sex toy, and your partner is open and willing to join in, only the mind will hinder you. What I mean by that is only your mind can wander off into pleasure or disbelief!

Well, when you purchase a toy and you’re exploring your body by yourself, you may feel a little more free, there is no one there to judge you for the sounds you are making, or how loud you are, or how you look. Go outside and explore! Allow your body and mind to open up, you may have to lock the door, even though you know there is no one home. Turn on some soft music or romantic songs for a while. Do whatever you need to in order to enjoy your alone time!

What Kind Of Sex Toy Do I Start Off With?

There is not right or wrong toy. Go to your near by adult sex shop first and ask questions. The first time you go you may be a bit nervous (I know I was!!) If you really think about it- they are working at a Sex Shop! Would you put that down on your Resume’ lol- These people love what they are doing, talking about sex, it is so natural, so don’t fear, they are the last people to every JUDGE you for what you ask or for WHAT you purchase!

The down side, these toys can be very overpriced! So ask the questions, find what you like, don’t purchase at that time. Go online and do more research online to see what people have rated them. How well they have lasted, and does it do what the package stated. There is nothing worse than dropping ₹ 5000 on a toy that doesn’t FLOAT YOUR BOAT!!! Then what do you do with it?

With the internet you can research sex blogs, adult websites for the most popular adult toys, or find a better price for the toy you found at the Sex Shop! If you have waited this long to purchase a sex toy, what is another week to receive it in the mail and save lots of money. Take that extra hour and surf the web for great articles to help make your decision, and to find the best price!!

My favorite toy is the 7 Mode Vibrating Bullet Vibrator ! You want to talk about finding your self! You will have 32 different ways to find your self- I find this sex toy to be the best one out there for your money and sex life! Completely rechargeable, so eco friendly, nice rechargeable case- very discrete, and talk about power- oh baby- watch out!!

Here Are Some Of The features Of The 7 Mode Vibrating Bullet Vibrator:

Powerful and Quiet:

There are 10 different settings – including 3 speeds and 7 pulsating patterns – on this clit vibrator. Its motor is virtually silent in order to maintain its reputation for discretion. Even in a public bathroom, you can use it without anyone noticing.


It is completely waterproof, so no matter where you go – morning showers, late-night dips in the hot tub or pool – you can take it with you. Since water cannot leak through the watertight seal, your new toy will also be easier to clean than others.

Rechargeable for More Power:

Recharging your bullet has never been easier thanks to the USB charging cable. For up to one hour of play, plug your device into your PC, laptop, or USB converter for 30 minutes. This gives you a handy deceptive power boost.

Discreet & On-The-Go:

One of the best travel vibrators we have ever seen is the bullet vibrator, thanks to its discreet design and compact size. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go. This vibe resembles a tube of lipstick to the greatest extent possible in order to fit right in.

Precision Clitoral Stimulation:

Vibrations are focused on your clit, nipples, and other sensitive areas with a narrow edge on the bullet vibrator. Once you’re done playing, you can take advantage of the flattened surface for a quick orgasm!

For instance the MRP for the 7 Mode Vibrating Bullet Vibrator is  ₹ 3070. But you can find the at a discounted prices on for ₹ 2022 -; so with the extra ₹ 1048 you will be saving you can purchase other items, such as a great water-based lube, my personal favorite is by “Moist” or how about buying some dildo, sexy lingerie -;now that is talking about a complete night of WOW!!

Final Words:

The bottom line is, do your research on your toys! The higher priced toys doesn’t mean they are better than the lesser expensive ones. Here are my personal two toys that I think every woman should have. Rabbit Vibrator- is the one I use most often when I am alone, or when my partner wants to please me! Rabbit Sex Toys have quickly become a favorite for women who masturbate with toys.

Emerging on the scene about a decade ago they have risen in popularity since. The dual pleasure sensation is what has made them so popular as this double dose enhances the orgasm making both solo sex and sex with your partner that much more enjoyable.

The buzz with this toy really began to grow when the HBO show Sex and the City dedicated a whole episode to this lovely device. A show about women and their sex lives must have an idea of what women really are looking for in a toy and more importantly what makes women tick, because men sure as heck don’t always have a clue. Women were intrigued and the rabbit sex toy took off. Rabbit Vibrators are made out of a number of materials including silicone, rubber, and latex. These materials make them soft and pliable which provide a more sensual experience.

We-Vibe- is the first adult toy used by couples! Both the women and men get the satisfaction, both at the same time. Have fun with what you purchase, and remember IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GREAT!!

What do you think?

Written by Cupidbaba Toys