How To Sell Vintage Clothing Online?

The vintage clothing market has reached billions of pounds within a few years. This is due to the insane demand for vintage styles and fashion among the high-street fashion shoppers.

The competition is really high. But the uniqueness of the idea of selling vintage fashion can create a niche customer base for your brand. So, with this guide, we will walk you through it all—how to find good stores? What marketing should you be doing? Some tips and tricks of the craft and others.

vintage clothing

Doing Research and Meeting Other Merchants

Nothing can beat a good deal of studying the market. This will help you to find your niche.

Meet some people who are already in the game and talk through their process. You can track their business through social media. Some people sell authentic vintage clothing. These are second-hand pieces—some sell designer vintage pieces. 

Another type of store is the one where they sell vintage-style clothes. Here the retro tops, dresses, jeans, everything is styled like vintage clothes. The scope is much broader here as you can serve a massive margin of customers.

retro tops

Understand Your Niche

Once you are done with sufficient research, you can start by choosing your niche.

This means what type of style of vintage clothing you want to sell. Do you want to have an exclusive women’s vintage clothing store online? Do you have any specific decade? What will be the style of clothes?

Having a set niche store will help you to build a specific marketing strategy for you. And it will be required to target, design, brand, advertise, source, and sell your products. 

Choosing A Platform

Once you have chosen suppliers, you need to find out where you want to sell your clothes.

Setting up a website is a necessity nowadays, along with having social media presence. 

Some stores only sell through social media like Instagram, TikTok, or a third-party app like Amazon.

If you have a website, ensure it is simple to use so your users can navigate easily. Payments options also need to be multiple with some other features for your users.

Understanding The Funds

Well, this part of the business is not so much fun but extremely crucial.

After 2021, new technologies have emerged all over the world to make socialising and business more accessible, virtually.

Most business models need you to buy inventory upfront. You can also opt for a consignment model where you only pay once the item is sold. Plan out everything in advance, especially with storage spaces and shipping units.

Launching The Business

Once your online vintage clothing store is stocked, you are ready with the website or app you can launch your business. Choose a domain name that is simple as a website. It will be easier for your customers.

For the launch, you need some serious traction. Digital promotion is much cheaper than offline advertisements. Use your social media to reach as many people as you can.

Please remember, first comes the awareness, then the sale. 

State The Prices and The Details Clearly

For an e-commerce website, it is absolutely necessary to be as transparent as you can. So set the prices of your vintage tops, dresses, or accessories clearly.

vintage tops

Typically, smaller business keeps the profit margin less to attract newer customers. You can also provide some amenities like 5% off on the first purchase. Prices range as per their design, wearability, brand, and trend.

Some Additional Tips for Vintage Thrifting

When you start selling vintage clothes, thrift stores and the online market can be a great source to find the right products.

Here are Some Tips That Might Help:

  • Have a Plan Beforehand

Create a style guide in advance to help you identify the products you are looking for.

  • Know About Your Stuff

Browse the internet and visit stores like Banned Retro to find out about the styles and trends of each decade. Some blogs might help you as well. The more you know about the clothes, the better it is.

womens vintage clothing
  • Inspect Your Items Before Buying

If you are visiting a thrift store, make sure you inspect the products thoroughly. Thrift stores often have items that are stained or damaged.

Finally, apply some unique marketing strategies to your targeted customers and start growing your brand. Social media is a good way to start. It is buzzing with millennials and Gen Z—two main markets for vintage clothing and fashion!

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