How to incorporate subsidiary of foreign company in India

Indian Subsidiary:
When another Indian company or foreign company holds 50% or more of the shares of an Indian company, an Indian company whose shares are so held becomes a subsidiary company.

Indian subsidiary company has a separate legal identity as compared to the parent entity.
Subsidiary company registration in India is one of the most popular forms of business set up in India.

The following conditions must be fulfilled for subsidiary company registration in India.
A minimum of two directors is required. One of the directors in the company must be an Indian Citizen and an Indian resident having a permanent address in India, which is necessary for the incorporation of the company.

A minimum of two shareholders is required. The shareholders can be an individual or an entity, or a combination of both.

There is no minimum limit for authorized and paid-up capital. The foreign company must own more than 50% shares in an Indian subsidiary company and have significant control over it.

A person must be appointed as an authorized representative on behalf of the foreign company in India who will hold shares on behalf of the parent company.

If the parent company holds 99.99% shares, the Indian company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company. In this case, at least one share must be held by the nominee shareholder.

A registered office for the place of business of the company is required. All the directors in the company must have a Director Identification Number (DIN).  

The procedure of Subsidiary Company Registration in India:
Following steps are involved in subsidiary company registration-
Apply for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): The proposed subsidiary company in India is required to apply for the DSC of all the directors for online filing of documents with ROC/MCA.

Name approval: Once the directors’ DSC is prepared, the company must apply for a reservation of the proposed company’s name. It has to choose a unique name for the subsidiary company and is to be filed through the RUN facility of the Ministry of Corporation (MCA) in due time.

Drafting of MOA and AOA and applying for Director Identification Number (DIN): After name approval, charter documents must be drafted, i.e. MOA and AOA need to be drafted. Further, the DIN of all the appointed directors of the proposed subsidiary company is applied.

Application for receiving PAN and TAN: Simultaneously, PAN and TAN, ESI, PF of the company is also applied. Also, the name of the proposed banker of the company needs to be provided.

Finally, a certificate of incorporation would be granted, and a subsidiary company registered in India. Obtaining a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN): 

To business operations, a subsidiary company must have GST Registration in India.

Commencement of the business operations: Lastly, within 180 days of incorporation of a subsidiary company in India, it must apply for a certificate of commencement of business.  

Documents required for Subsidiary Company Registration in India:
The following documents are required to be submitted by the foreign company while registering the subsidiary company in India

For the foreign director: These must be duly notarized or apostilled, or verified by the Indian embassy in their home country. Passport of the individual Identity proof of the country of their stay Address proof in the home country  

For the representative of the foreign company: These must be duly notarized and apostilled or verified by the Indian consulate in their home country (in case the representative is a foreign national and not an Indian resident)  Passport of the person Identity proof of the country of their stay Driving license  

For the Indian director 
PAN Card.

Any utility bill for address proof such as electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill etc.

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