How to Hire SEO Freelancers

It is not an easy task to rank a website or web page. To be competitive in today’s market, an SEO freelancer is what you need. You might not even have the knowledge of how all the algorithms work for any SEO search engine.

Also, as a business owner, it is quite difficult to make time for such work. That’s why you might need to get an SEO freelancer.

Here, in this article, we have discussed a few tips to get the best and exact SEO specialist for your business.

What are the tricks to hire the Best SEO Freelancer?

Hiring a good SEO freelancer can be a slick business. In most cases, SEO experts are self-taught, and there is basically a single way to know their skills is through checking their portfolio.

Also, there are a lot of people who probably have the knowledge of SEO, but they can more likely not be efficient for your business too. So, it can be quite difficult to know which SEO freelancers have relevant knowledge and skills.

Here are a few tips which would be helpful for you to know what are ways to get a good SEO freelancer?

1. Find out Your Needs :

The very first step to find the right SEO freelancer for your business is to find out all your SEO needs. If you think that you are not that sure to know much about SEO needs, or you are a complete beginner, then you might need to get an SEO freelancer who can help you in getting SEO audits. So, apart from your main purpose of hiring a SEO freelancer, you may need to pay extra for the extra work.

Again, if you are sure to do it on your own, then check out the SEO companies to learn more about hiring the best SEO specialist.

Skills to have in an SEO Freelancer :

Now that you know what are the needs for your business, you need to check the features of the SEO freelancer you want to hire.

What you need to check?

  • By checking the Track Record

Every SEO freelancer has their track records that show their knowledge and skills. There are few ways to check their track records.

You can ask them to show their portfolio of their work. You can also visit their website, show records or feedback from previous clients, check their other social media profiles where they might share their work.

It’s quite difficult to check an SEO freelancer’s track record, where they need to know their work, their potential.

  • By interviewing them

Once you have filtered out your list of dedicated and skillful candidates, now it’s time to find the exact SEO expert for your business.

Without doing an interview session, you can not know them, their work, and knowledge. You can meet them in person, or the best way would be through video calling. So that, you can conduct interviews from any corner of the world.

  • By giving them projects

You are further advised to give your target SEO Freelancer a test project. This strategy will help you know how updated they are with the latest technologies, their view about your business, etc. On that note, a test will definitely be paid, as no one will work for free.

2. When should you not hire SEO Freelancers ?

You need to keep in mind that not every SEO freelancer can do all kinds of jobs. SEO is a huge field. Not a single person can do every SEO job.

For example, if you want a comprehensive on-page SEO operation, you will be required to have three hats, a content strategist, an SEO writer, and a couple of editors. You will need to find three different SEO experts, who are good at three individual fields.

Now, there is a chance that you might find someone who knows all three hats, but it will not be efficient if your content strategy is extensive.

In this scenario, it will be better for you to go the agency route.

So, in order to figure these out, first you need to know your SEO needs, and then decide if all the work is possible to manage by a single SEO specialist, or otherwise you will need to go for an SEO agency.

3. When You Need Different SEO Services

If you need different SEO services, you should go the agency route. The reason is agencies have a lot of various skill sets in their human capital, and all your SEO needs can be fulfilled within a single place. Also, in some cases, there could be a conflict between two individual SEO experts, if you give them two different tasks.

4. When Stability is Important :

An agency has no doubt plenty of resources of all kinds. From employees to technologies, they can serve you anything as per your requirements to execute your projects fast. You can also be assured by the quality of the work due to lots of controls.


Although you have plenty of options to pick any freelancer easily, as you can see, to find the best SEO freelancers, you may get involved with a few bad ones which can result in a waste of money, bad reputation of your company, and SEO rankings.

That’s why it is very important to know how to hire the best SEO expert that will be an exact match for your business, and will help you to achieve your future business goals.

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