How to Fix Netgear Orbi Pink Light on Router?

The Netgear Orbi router can connect to the modem with the help of a LAN cable. We suggest you check the cable if it is damaged from any place.

Feb 14, 2024 - 10:11
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How to Fix Netgear Orbi Pink Light on Router?

There are two lights that you will notice on your Orbi devices. One is the Power light and the second is the Ring light. Orbi pink light on the Ring LED implies no internet. This means the router fails to get the internet from the modem. Thus you won’t be able to connect to your Orbi. You should troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. But how to get it fixed? Simply by applying the fixes discussed in this post.

Let’s Fix Orbi Pink Light

Now that you know the meaning of the pink light on the Ring LED of the router, resolving it becomes a bit easy. The primary fix that you must give a shot at is to fix its connection with the modem.

Check Router and Modem Connection

The Netgear Orbi router can connect to the modem with the help of a LAN cable. We suggest you check the cable if it is damaged from any place. Get the damage repaired or you also have one more option. Replace the cable with the one that’s in good condition. Plus you need to make certain that the cable that you’ve used is inserted in the right ports on both devices and the connection has to be intact. Loose connections will definitely result in no internet issues.

Another way that can be used to connect the router and the modem is a wireless mode. If you’ve opted for this one, then make certain that the Orbi router sits in the network range of the modem. Bring the router a bit closer to the modem so that there’s smooth communication between them. Once you’ve your devices connected properly, the pink light should turn off.

Check the Power Connection

Many users refer to the pink light as Orbi purple light. Both are the same. Is the pink light still troubling you? There is some other reason that’s affecting the internet connection. A partially booted up modem won’t provide stable internet to the router thereby causing it to show a pink light. Why don’t to confirm the same now? Have a look at the power socket into which the modem is plugged in. Is it damaged? Is the power cable of the modem loose? Go ahead and fix anything that’s damaged or mend the loose connections.

We also suggest you check the power connection of the Netgear Orbi router as well. A fluctuating power supply to the router can also be a reason why it has no internet.

Reboot the Devices

Unplug the Netgear Orbi router as well as the modem now. Let them be in an idle state for some amount of time. Maybe wait for about 2 minutes. Plug them back and let them boot up completely. Once they are booted up, they will get connected to each and there won’t be pink light anymore. Rebooting fixes technical glitches and also helps network connection by giving it a new start. In case the issue is still giving you trouble, then try the next hack in line.

Reset Netgear Orbi

This has to be the ultimate fix that you should try if you have the pink light on your Netgear Orbi even after all the above listed hacks have been applied. Resetting gets the configurations on the router restored to the default values by erasing the customized data. Your router gets a new start this way. With the help of the Reset button located on your Netgear Orbi, get its reset process accomplished.  

Wrap Up

Upon resetting your router, set it up all over again. Use the default Orbi login details on the Orbi app or the web interface and go to the setup page.  Follow the prompts and complete the setup. Pink light won’t be a reason for your trouble anymore.

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