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Are You Looking for How to Download HP Smart App. HP Smart app is the Printing application used to perform the Print, Scan, Fax, and Copy functions using your HP printer. You can use the app to manage the Printer functions if you would like to install HP Smart app on your Mobile device.

What are the features of HP Smart App?

Check out the features of HP Smart App here before installation:-

  • HP Smart App is the top-rated HP app
  • The app is compatible to use with device platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac, and IOs devices
  • You can print from any location using the app
  • Also, perform the functions such as Copy or Scan
  • The app is safe to use. Hence you can manage or share access easily
  • It’s easy to order Printer supplies using HP Smart App, choose the Printer settings, and manage the printer functions
  • HP Smart App is also recommended to fix Printer issues or errors
  • You can send secure fax from your Mobile device or Computer using HP Smart App
  • Using the app, you can save your time to a greater extent

How to download and install HP Smart App?

Here is the Steps If you are ready to Download HP Smart App, follow the instructions below:-

  • To download HP Smart App, power on your Printer, Computer
  • Then choose the required settings on your device
  • Check if the network is active
  • If yes, go to the appropriate software download portal
  • Begin your search to find HP Smart app
  • Select the software
  • Tap on the option, Download
  • Go forward with the on-screen commands to complete the installation
  • Access the app and add your Printer to perform your Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax functions.

How to create an account to use HP smart app?

Here is the Steps to create HP account to access HP smart app:-

  • You can visit HP Smart website
  • Register your Printer
  • Execute the onscreen prompts to set up your Printer and create HP account
  • You may receive a prompt to sign in with the account while installing HP smart app
  • Make a note of the account credentials for login

How to print using HP Smart App?

Here is the Steps to print your documents using HP Smart App:-

  • At first, turn ON your Printer, Mobile device, and Router
  • Place the paper in to the Paper Input tray
  • Now check if HP Smart App is installed on your device
  • If yes, access the app
  • Then choose the document you would like to Print
  • Navigate to the Menu tab
  • Then click on the Print Icon
  • Now wait for the Print Preview screen to appear
  • Select the Print preference settings
  • Execute the onscreen instructions to complete the Print jobs
  • Printing a test document can help to check the Print Quality and speed

How to scan your documents using HP Smart App?

Here is the Steps to scan your documents using HP Smart App:-

  • Open HP smart app from your Mobile device or Computer
  • Create an account for sign in
  • Now find the settings to add your Printer
  • Navigate to HP smart app home screen
  • Click on the Scan tile
  • Load the paper to scan on the scanner glass
  • Choose the required scan preference settings such as scan job type, Size, Color, Resolution, and much more
  • Tap on the Scan Icon
  • Finally, go forward with the onscreen guidelines that appear on your device display screen to complete the Scan jobs
  • If you come across any errors, restart your device and begin the Scan jobs again

To fix errors while using HP Smart app

To resolve errors that pop up while using HP Smart app, here we suggest the common troubleshooting tips available. If you do not resolve the error, it’s hard to use the app

  • If HP smart app is not working on your Windows or Mac device, check and verify the app compatibility to use with your device
  • Always connect your device to a good speed network before accessingHP Smart app. If network issues persist, you can print a network test document to verify the settings 
  • Unable to access HP Smart app- If you are unable to access HP Smart app, uninstall the app and install the app again
  • Check if software updates are available for HP Smart app. If yes, update HP Smart app with the latest version
  • Restart your Printer, Computer, and Router. Then access HP Smart app again. You can refer the device setup manual or user guide to find the reset settings
  • Ensure to choose the appropriate app settings before using it
  • Make sure that HP Smart app account is active. If the account is not working, you can create a new account
  • Also, update your Printer software with the latest version
  • What if error codes persist after troubleshooting? If the error codes persist after troubleshooting, check if any alternative apps are available to use with HP printer

How to uninstall HP smart app?

You can uninstall HP smart app from your Mobile device or Computer if you come across any errors while using the app. It’s easy to uninstall the app if you follow the steps below. The settings to uninstall the app may differ and depend on the device model.

How to uninstall HP smart app in Windows?

  • If you are using a Windows device, navigate to the settings, Apps, and Features.
  • Then check if you can find the list of installed apps
  • Select HP smart app
  • Then click on the option, Uninstall
  • You are requested to wait for a while until the HP smart app installation process complete.

How to uninstall HP smart app in Mac?

  • Mac users can use the Doc feature available
  • Access the Main menu to find the installed applications
  • Select HP Smart app
  • Then follow the onscreen directives to complete the installation

How to uninstall HP smart app in Android?

  • If you are using an Android device model, navigate to the Google app store or Play store
  • Ensure that your Android device is connected to the network
  • Now find the Settings Menu
  • Check if you can find the option, My Apps and Games
  • If yes, click on the uninstall tab
  • Choose the HP Smart app from the list of apps that appear
  • Then tap on the icon, Uninstall
  • You may receive a prompt to follow the onscreen instructions that appear on your device display screen.

Get Help to Install HP Smart App

If you need any assistance to download and install HP Smart app, fix HP smart app issues, please contact our Printer customer support. You Can Contact – 1-800-673-8163

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