How to Achieve the Best White Label GPS Tracking Software?

White Labeling has become a popular trend in the telematics industry these days. It offers businesses an excellent way to get a customized product without spending a lot of money and time. A company can resell a vehicle tracking system by changing its appearance and every cosmetic aspect.

Due to cost-effectiveness and time efficiency, many companies turn to white labeling. How to achieve the best white label GPS tracking software? Every fleet management service provider wants to know the answer to this question. Let us discuss it in detail in this blog.

Essential Steps Involved in White Labeling:

URL Customization:

The URL with which the user logs into the system is essential to consider during white labeling. With the help of URL masking, you can show your personalized URL to the users when they access the platform. It helps strengthen the branding of your new product.

Personalized Service Name:

What is the most important thing about a product? It may appear to be a vague question, but its answer is straightforward. Name is an essential thing given to a product before making it public. You can provide a personalized service name to your tracking software that develops your identity in the market.

Text Customization:

Text is something that always catches the user’s eye. Therefore, it is important to get all the text visible on the tracking software personalized. Usually, there is a tagline next to the logo, which is one of the first visible things when a user opens the system. Getting it personalized with eye-catching text is an excellent idea. Moreover, the footer text, which usually is the product name with the copyrights symbol, should also be customized according to your product name.

Personalized Logo and Favicon:

The logo is the face of any product, and it helps establish your brand identity amongst the audience. It is essential to have a personalized logo for your software so that the viewers can remember your product discreetly. You should ensure that your logo stands out and imprints in the audience’s memory. Moreover, get a personalized Favicon for your software to appear on the tab when the user opens it.

Color Scheme Customization:

Color scheme plays a pivotal role in the branding of a product. All the big brands in the world associate themselves with a signature color scheme. Therefore, you need to customize the color scheme of your white label GPS tracking software according to your product. With a distinctive color scheming of the system, your clients and general audience will quickly identify your product.

Personalized Graphics:

It is essential to make your product visually appealing, and attractive graphics can play a role. You can ask your service provider to add customized graphics to your software. It will make it visually engaging for the user. Moreover, your software will look different from the original system with unique graphics.

Email Gateway and Signature Customization:

A vehicle tracking solution provides an email gateway to its clients for communication. You have to provide your customized email with your white label GPS tracking system. With a personalized email signature, you can complete the branding of your email gateway.

Key Factors to Consider For Choosing the Best White Label GPS Tracking Software:

Vendor Reputation in the Market:

Before selecting any product, it is essential to know its reputation beforehand, and the same is the case with GPS tracking software. You should consult the people who have already worked with the vendor to find out about their reputation. It will allow you to choose the best possible option for you.

User-friendly Design:

Design is the first thing that a user notices while using a software. You would want to put a good first impression. Therefore, make sure that the solution you choose has a user-friendly design. It will make it convenient for the new users to explore the system’s various features.


You should check the available range of features before selecting a white label tracking solution. As the features vary from product to product, you should keep your clientele in mind while analyzing them. If they match your needs, go for that solution.

As a reseller, you would want to select the top option in the market. You should consider all the critical factors to get the best white label GPS tracking software. The above mentioned-information will help you a lot in this regard.


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