How Does Provisioning Management Systems Work?

Over-the-top, mostly known as OTT, is a media service where is any type of application that takes advantage of an internet connection to offer services. OTT is one of the main sources of online video content. An OTT service provider does not require cable platforms, mobile service providers, and satellite television. The companies would typically have control or monitor the distribution of the content due to the traditional need for a satellite or cable platform to be able to provide the content. Cable networks need proper provisioning management systems for OTT authentication of their services. The provisioning management system will handle the information of the customer base in a secured framework.


OTT Functionality


OTT services have multiple services with many functionalities. However, OTT is mostly linked with SVOD or subscription-based video-on-demand services. SVOD platforms allow access to television and film content. The video content may come from shows or series which are produced by other companies and were acquired by the streaming service. The streaming platform may also produce original content.


An OTT service includes television services that also offer live streaming which is similar to how cable and satellite TV provide real-time service streaming services. OTT’s live streaming properties can be viewed online instead of a private network that needs proprietary equipment to access the content. OTT properties are available to access on websites that can be browsed on computers. An OTT service user can also access the content by opening an app on a mobile device. OTT services can be integrated with other digital media players and smart TV.


OTT content is just like any type of media content which can be delivered online. The control, delivery, and distribution of content do not require a multiple-system operator. It is delivered online where internet providers can be aware of the contents that are related to its Internet Protocol or IP packets. Nevertheless, the internet provider is not necessarily responsible for the viewing capabilities, copyrights, control, or distribution of the content.


Provisioning Management Systems For OTT Authentication


Customers who prefer watching their favorite series can simply open a website or an app with the help of an OTT service provider. An OTT service is reliable in helping people meet the demand and need for content. The data and information need to be protected. The OTT industry has to automate all its networks and workflows to make sure that the services will be error-free.


Moreover, they collect multiple data from their customers. They need to properly store that information to prepare for future use when a customer needs assistance. Cable providers who want to offer OTT services must work with companies like ETI, to provide the provisioning management systems for OTT authentication. A provisioning management system is helpful for OTT services to automate their networks and monitor their subscribers to ensure that they gain entry to the platform or application.


The innovation with the technology used to deliver OTT video services has allowed people to have the convenience and multiple options right at their fingertips. The users have also viewed content on various platforms depending on their choice. When at home, users can use their Smart TVs, gaming consoles, digital media players, or Roku to watch their favorite TV series. When on the road, they can use their tablets, mobile phones, and laptops to watch any movies. They can access many distributors of original content with some app-switching features.


Provisioning management systems for OTT authentication allow provisioning managers to monitor subscribers’ access and integrate multiple screens. OTT companies must seek a service management provider that can offer them a platform where they can have real-time subscriber authentication. It supports the live stream via the content provider. The service provider can gain an opportunity to secure its assets using real-time activation and deactivate when needed. The system also helps in integrating the billing system into the service.

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