How Do I Connect my Canon Pixma TS3122 to WiFi?

Tips to Connect Canon Pixma TS3122 to WiFi

The Canon Pixma TS3122 wireless printer is the most popular tool that the users prefer to get an easy task for printing through it as this is the smooth working platform of Canon printers. But there are scenarios in which users might not be able to operate Canon Pixma TS3122 because it can quickly get wireless connections issues. You will first have to know what could be the common problems that might be with your Canon Pixma TS3122.

Key Issues of Canon Printer TS3122:

  • It might be the problem of the printer might not be properly plugged in the electric socket, by which again and again the connection is getting disturbed.
  • Or it might be the issue of poor internet connection with the wireless WiFi setup.
  • Further, it might be possible software setting of Canon Pixma TS3122 with an internet connection might get jumbled up.
  • Lastly, it might be the issue of faulty drivers or wireless connection stopping or not allowing the printer to print, etc.

Hence, now you are well aware of the issue you might face with Canon Pixma TS3122. So, learning about the process through which you will connect Canon Pixma to WiFi is available, too; within this section of the write-up for your reference, here are the points to go with and resolve your query.

  • First of all, make sure the button on your wireless router is ready to be turned on.
  • After that, press and hold the network button on your printer, and then release the button when the signal flashes.
  • Now press and hold the WPS button onto your wireless router.
  • Then the connection to the wireless router is complete, and the light will glow automatically.
  • At last, the setup process is complete, and now you can perform the printing task quite efficiently.

However, to gather more information about how do I connect my Canon TS3122 to WiFi, then you have an alternate option to contact the repair support team for your assistance.

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