Home Inspection Tips Prior To Moving In

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If you spent what may seem like an eternity looking for a home, visiting many open houses, checking hundreds of listings and have finally found your dream home, you probably think that you are at the finish line. However, you are not there just yet. But do not worry, you have a couple of more steps to go before you can move in. The first thing you should do is inspect the home you plan on buying. This usually means inspecting every corner of each room and checking whether or not everything works. If some things are broken or damaged, you should talk to your seller about fixing or replacing them. Some repairs you can do by yourself, but some of them should be left to professionals. Yes, this may seem like a complicated process, but that is why we are here. Thus, if you are interested in some home inspection tips prior to moving in, keep on reading.

Inspecting the Bathroom

As previously mentioned, before you call professionals to help you relocate all your belongings and move in, you must do a home inspection first. That is, you must walk through the entire home and check whether everything works. It is necessary to do this step prior to moving in! So, start from the bathroom. Bathrooms come with many problems, so you should be really detailed when inspecting them. Firstly, check whether there is mold anywhere on the tiles. Then, look for leaks. The crew behind Capital City Bins NYC argues that leaks are very common in New York City homes – turn on the water on the faucet, shower, and flush the toilet in order to make sure there are no leaks. Moreover, you should check the working conditions of all the elements in the bathroom. If you hesitate to do so, you will not be able to negotiate the price nor the remodeling agreements with the seller. 

If you do not want to pay for the repairs, a home inspection can save you a lot of money. 

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Inspecting the Kitchen

Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is another very important room to inspect. This is because renovating and remodeling those two areas costs a fortune. So, again, check everything before you sign any papers! Inspect the working conditions of all the kitchen appliances that are coming with the house – fridge, stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal. Then, check for leaks. In this case, you should not only check the faucet but also whether there are any gas leaks for the stove. It would also be a good idea to open every kitchen cabinet as well! If something seems stuck or wobbly, you should report it to the seller. Moreover, if the house seems old, be sure to check for insects and rodents. If you happen to find any problems in the kitchen, or you are simply dissatisfied with something,

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