Hiring commercial painters – Important Questions To Ask

Before you hire a professional painting contractor, you should take time to collect more details about them. If you hire the wrong team you only get frustrated. The contractor or the team might not have sufficient experience in the relevant field. Inexperienced painters are bound to make more mistakes.

To avoid frustration, it is important to check with the best commercial painters in Auckland team in advance. Always ensure that before hiring professional commercial painter services you have your set of questions ready with you.

Below you will find a set of questions that you should ask from the expert team. Always conduct a short interview session with the team members.

1. Is the team insured?

You are planning to hire commercial painting services. The team may have to work in difficult situations. There are chances of accidents happening at the worksite. Are you prepared to handle the accident on your own?

In most cases, one out of every five painters faced difficult situations when performing this task. If the team has to access difficult areas, then accidents are common. This is why the team should be insured. It helps in covering medical expenses.

2. Are the crew members trustworthy?

If you have a big premise then you have to engage six or more team members. It is important to understand if all team members can be trusted or not. You may have to clarify this before you finalize the team members.

If the contractor cannot trust his team then you certainly cannot trust them. Always ensure that you have collected the identity cards of each of the team members.

3. Will the contractor use employees or sub-contractors?

In both cases, the team members may not be the same. You have to ensure that you have checked with the services that only employ permanent team members. If the contractor will engage subcontractors then they are not the permanent members of the team.

They may or may not arrive at the worksite on time. It is always safe to hire services that assign permanent members for any project.

4. Will they provide details of the material?

It is important to collect details of the material that the team will be using. If the material is good then the work quality can also be trusted. If the team is using poor quality material, then work quality cannot be expected.

So before you hire any team always try and collect a full list of materials that they will be using. Go with a team that guarantees quality material.

You should also try and collect details of the price estimation before finalizing the team. Any commercial painting task will involve big money. If you are unaware of the price in advance, then you can exceed your budget. This may never be advisable as the project will go over budget.

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Written by EADA